Structured School Societies Programme for Free

Do you have what it takes to become a School Society Leader or Medic Mentor Ambassador?

If you don’t have a school society, we can help you set one up at school. If you already have a medics society (this includes all healthcare professions), but you would like to get more structure, support and recognition for your hard work, you can easily link up with Medic Mentor’s network. School Societies help us mentor students throughout the year!

Why should you set up a Medic Mentor School Society?

The benefits of a Medic Mentor School Society include:

School Society Leaders will receive certificates for leadership
Your school society will be paired with a Regional Mentor (a doctor or medical student Mentor)
You will receive a school society pack once a month containing interview mark schemes, PBL sessions, ethical scenarios, a journal article to critically appraise and other interactive tasks which you can use to run your school society meetings
School Society Leaders will be invited to to attend a National School Society Conference, which takes place three times a year
Exclusive access to competitions, volunteering, research and publishing opportunities.

Click on the images below to view the National School Soc Meeting Gallery

School Soc Meeting England

School Soc Meeting Wales

School Soc Meeting Scotland

How does it work?

Your free Medic Mentor School Society can be easily set up in just a few steps:

Apply to become a School Society Leader or Medic Mentor Ambassador, by completing the application form above. Please note, that you will need permission from a teacher who is happy to supervise your school society. The Education Directorate can reject applications from students who they feel would not be able to meet the requirements of the role.
If your application has been accepted, you will be notified by email. You will be invited to attend the National School Societies Meeting.
Ask other students at the school who are interested in joining the school society to register for free student accounts on the Medic Mentor website.
Your School Society Leader will receive monthly school society packs which you can all work through during meetings.
Your School Society Leader will complete a monthly report and action plan which they submit to your Regional Mentor.
All members will be emailed with details of competitions, volunteering, publishing and research opportunities, once they have created a free online student account!
The Widening Access Team will present an online webinar once a month to go through the monthly bulletin exercises and provide answers.

Important Dates

School Society Leader Conference Dates:

Saturday September 30th 2017
Saturday January 27th 2018
Saturday March 24th 2018

School Society Leader Application Deadline:

15th December 5pm 2017

What if you have issues setting up or running your society?

Leading or being part of a team is always challenging. If you have any problems trying to set up a school society or running it during the year, you can contact your Regional Mentor. Your Regional Mentor is there to support you with any problems. This may involve speaking with them over the phone or inviting them to the school to attend a meeting.

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