Widening Access

The Student Diversity Fund

Medic Mentor is a social enterprise that was founded by medical students and junior doctors who are incredibly passionate about teaching. With this founding principle in mind we re-invest the majority of our earnings back into the organisation by creating innovative courses and resources for students at affordable prices. A large part of this re-investment has been used to create our renowned Widening Access Scheme: The Student Diversity Fund. The fund has been designed to provide fully-subsidised (free) spaces for students who meet the widening access criteria. This includes students in receipt of free school meals or from low-income backgrounds.  We believe that the medical profession and patients will benefit from having doctors who come from a range of socio-cultural backgrounds. Many of our Mentors have come from disadvantaged backgrounds. When they applied to medical school they often struggled to qualify for ‘Widening Access Courses and Schemes’ because they did not meet all of the qualifying criteria such as location, age and income.  Some of these schemes even require students to competitively apply and they do not offer parents any free resources.This is why Medic Mentor want to make our resources as accessible as possible. Any student or parent can benefit from a Student Diversity Funded place if:

  1. Your combined household income is less than £25,000 per annum or
  2. You are in receipt of free school meals.

How do I register as a student or parent?

If you fulfil one of the above criteria you can apply for a place in 3 simple steps:

1. Download the Student Diversity Form from your Downloads tab once you have created an online accounts and logged in.

2. Complete the form and submit it online as an attachment using the contact form on your Achievements tab, which you can access through your online account.

3. Ask your teacher to contact us by phone or email to confirm that the details on the form are correct.

Until all three stages are complete, we cannot register you for an event.  We will then email you confirming that you have been registered

How do I register as a teacher?

We love hearing from teachers!  We want to support you as much as we can in assisting your students who are applying.  If you are a teacher, please call us on the Mentor Helpline (01484963555) or email us at admin@medicmentor.org and let us know which event you would like to come along to.