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Medic Mentor Webinars

Our free weekly webinars allow us to continue supporting our students throughout their application journey and it is a great way for you to keep in touch with Medic Mentors around the country.

We discuss a different topic every week and help you to make the most of all of our volunteering, publishing, research, leadership and presentation opportunities.

This is a great platform for you to ask questions and participate in debates to help you build your confidence and knowledge, in order to become a stand-out candidate!

For younger students, it will help you to make an informed decision about healthcare careers.

1. Click on the Webinar button below, just before the scheduled time of the talk.
2. Then use the live chat function to ask questions.
3. After the talk, you can download handouts from the website.


Webinar Timetable of Talks

To stay in the loop, check back here every week to see which talk is scheduled next:

Why a one-stop-shop Summer School would have helped me with my application.
Jenardan Sellathurai, Medical Student University of Warwick

5th July 2017 7pm

 Webinar Closed
Personal Statements: how to get started and avoid common pitfalls
Dr Iain Kennedy, Director of Publishing

13th July 2017 6pm

 Webinar Closed
How to make the most of a medics society at your school
Dr Rebecca Yates, Director of Education

19th July 2017 7pm

 Webinar Closed
What to do if you don’t get the grades that you were expecting
Dr Dhakshana Sivayoganathan, Director of Communications

27th July 2017 7pm

 Webinar Closed
Focus Group from Summer School and troubleshooting with Dr Siva
Dr Dhakshana Sivayoganathan, Director of Communications

12th August 2017 5pm

 Webinar Closed
Work Experience: how to get it and make the most out of it
Oluwafunto Ogunleye 3rd Year Medical Student, University of Sheffield and Work Experience Scholar

5th August 2017 7pm

 Webinar Closed
2 Week Summer Break

How to Boost your CV and structured action plan for this academic year!
Dr Dhakshana Sivayoganathan, Director of Communications

3rd September 2017 11am

 Webinar Closed
Self confidence and how to deal with failure (post-exams)
Dr Rebecca Yates, Director of Education, Academic Foundation Trainee

10th September 2017 6.30pm

 Webinar Open