What Is The Virtual Summer School?

Medic Mentor’s Summer School programme is the largest and most well established personalised mentoring programme in the UK for prospective Medical, Dental and Veterinary applicants. From its starting in 2015, the summer school programme has expanded almost exponentially and for our most recent Summer School 2022 cohort, there were over 1000 applicants.

Our UCAS focussed Summer School is unlike any other because the programme extends far beyond the 5-day virtual course. There is a tremendous level of mentoring and support given to prospective Medical, Dental and Vet students before and after the Summer School to help secure a place at university.

At Medic Mentor, we are incredibly passionate about widening access for students. With a success rate of over 90% of our students going on to secure multiple offers from universities. It is clear that our programme facilitates a gateway for upward social mobility for our international students. We are incredibly excited for what lies ahead.

What do I get with Virtual Summer School?

Download The Virtual Summer School Brochure and Timetable Bellow.

Our Chief Doctors have put together our Timetable and Brochure so you can see exactly what the Virtual Summer School has to offer and how it can give you an amazing set of skills that will aid in your application to Medicine, Dentisty or Veterinary Medicine.