The Student Committee, led by President Sana Hussain, plays the vital role of steering the direction of the society.  The committee work with the virtual medical society members to feedback and integrate what students want to learn into the educational programme.  This ensures that the resources and content that is delivered at Medsoc weekly virtual meetings and the blogs that run in parallel to the meetings are tailored to what members want.


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Virtual Medical Society Committee - Summer 2020

The First Committees Bios

President Sana Hussain, Year 12, Bancrofts School

I am currently in year 12 and hoping to study Dentistry. The Virtual Medical Society was created as part of the lockdown campaign and is here to help any aspiring Medics, Dentists or Vets. As President of the Society, I am responsible for ensuring the society runs smoothly and allowing every member of the society to have their view heard. Although the society is called the Medical Society, we cater for Dentists and Vets because all of these professions make up ‘One Health’.

Read my full bio and post me questions here.

Vice President Shreeja Tripathi, S6, Cults Academy

Hello everyone! My name is Shreeja Tripathi, Vice President of the recently formed Virtual Medical Society. I am an aspiring Medic with an interest in specialising in the neurology field of Medicine. 

So, you may be wondering why I chose Medicine? My interest in Medicine dates to the time when I was only five years old and I would pretend to be the Doctor of my stuffed toys. This  passion further grew up during my school days, as I wanted to explore the human body, which is an enclosure of complex machines, working cohesively for the proper functioning of our body.  The continuous advancement in medical technology, to keep pace with the growing diversity of diseases and complexity of its remedial measures, has always proved Medicine as a challenging career. I recognize that in this highly competitive world, pursuing a career in Medicine is rather complex and highly demanding, but I love challenges and can prove myself worthy of this profession.  

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Vice President Manas Agrawal, S6, George Heriots School

Hello everyone, I am Manas Agrawal.  I am 16 years old and I go to George Heriots School in Edinburgh Scotland. I would like to welcome you all to the Virtual Medic Mentor Society. I have been chosen as Vice President for the committee and I am really looking forward to representing this society as well as getting to know you all better. I only recently became extremely passionate about pursuing a career in Medicine. My first involvement with Medic Mentor was when I attended the National Healthcare weekend in Stirling back in November 2019. This event really opened my eyes as I was given a vast amount of information on how to get involved and pursue my journey towards medicine. I enrolled on to the medic mentor Summer School and am now also am ambassador for the Leadership programme. I attended the leadership programme in January 2020 and learnt how to set up a medic society at school. This inspired me and enabled me to help set up a medic society in my school.  I then went on to present at National Healthcare weekend in March 2020, which was a good experience for me. I am currently working on the Gold Medic mentor awards and am about to start writing a publication for the medic mentor magazine. I am also doing a fundraiser to help raise money for the Covid-19 pandemic.

To read my full bio and post me questions, please click here.

Publicity Officer Fathima Saqib, Year 12, King Edward VI Handsworth

My name is Fathimah Saqib and I am the Virtual Medical Society Publicity Officer. I am a year 12 student at King Edward VI Handsworth School sixth form and I am an aspiring medic. I am not sure about what speciality I would want to explore after medical school, as like many of you joining, I just want to get into medical school first as this is just the beginning of my journey. However, I do have high aspirations for the future. I am a great believer in high-quality patient care and the rapport built between patient and doctor being the most important part of medicine for me. I learnt this from long-term hospital volunteering and also ‘Observe a GP’ virtual work experience. For this reason, I am very interested in GP, but I am also interested in paediatrics and neurology. As well as those aspirations career-wise, I would also want to educate to helping medical students and medical applicants, the way Medic Mentor is helping me right now! 

To read my full bio and post me questions, click here.

Education Officer Patryk Michlewski, S5, George Heriots School

My name is Patryk Michlewski. I am an aspiring medic and an S5 pupil at George Heriot’s School in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am very passionate about my role as one of the Education Officers for the Medic Mentor Virtual Medical Society, the largest UK-wide medical society run by like-minded school students.

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Education Officer Eleanor Martin, Year 11, Swanmore College

Hi, my name is Ellie and I am one of the newly elected Education Officers on the Virtual Medical Society Committee. Having just finished year 11 at Swanmore College in Hampshire, my time during this global pandemic could quite easily have been wasted on sleep and Netflix! However, after signing up for the COVID-19 fundraising mission with Medic Mentor, I realised what a difference I could make during this time, not only to NHS workers and their families, but also to aspiring medics, vets and dentists. This inspired me to apply for a committee position and here I am, two weeks after submitting my application, writing my hello to you all! As Education Officers, it is mine and Patryk’s responsibility to organise and arrange topics for debates and presentation sessions based on what is suggested by the rest of the society. These range from ethical scenarios to current affairs, interview questions to PBLs, the list is endless! At the end of the day, we are here to listen to what sort of things you want covering in meetings and responsible for making this happen. We also hope to provide you with many educational resources that could enhance your application and overall, allow you to enjoy this process as much as possible!

To read my full bio and post me questions please click here.

Fundraising Officer Lynette Thomas, S6, Cults Academy

Hi everyone! My name is Lynette Thomas and I am an S6 (Year 13) student at Cults Academy in Scotland. I am so excited to be one of the fundraising officers for our new Virtual Medical Society! I am an aspiring medic myself, and I am sure many of you will be too, so feel free to ask me about anything you may be unsure of, as I am more than happy to help everyone I can to the best of my ability. With the many branches and specialties within medicine, there are endless opportunities to learn and develop as a professional and explore your particular interests. Personally, I have developed a fascination with surgery after gaining some insight into the field through work experience and reading medical books. In the future, I would like to make a positive difference in healthcare, and possibly attain leadership roles to further develop my skills as a medic.

You can read my full bio and post me questions if you click here.

Fundraising Officer Yosha Pathak, Year 12, Upton Court Grammar

I am currently a year 12 student and aspiring medic. My A levels are Biology, Chemistry and History, and I have written an extended project qualification on the Law of Attraction. I understand how future doctors/dentists/vets have a lot to complete during these uncertain times and I hope I’ll be able to offer some help to those in my position or younger. I understand how overwhelming the process can feel, but I find reassurance in the fact that self-doubt should never replace ambition, and as long as you assume an active role towards your goals, they will become an inevitable achievement. There are so many resources and people for us to learn from and we are the only individuals in control of our aspirations. Aside from trying to seem knowledgeable, I bake and play basketball (brave of me to pretend like I can shoot more than once in a game). I also work as a classroom assistant at a tuition centre because I find it humbling to surround myself with hardworking, like-minded peers who challenge me to become a better version of myself.

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Wellbeing Officer Hannah Potvliege, Year 12, St Leonards Catholic School

Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m currently a year 12 at St Leonards Catholic School in Durham, I’m also a med student with Medic Mentor and have recently become one of the wellbeing officers on the VMS committee. As a wellbeing officer, my role is to help write the weekly wellbeing blog in which issues related to wellbeing such as stress are discussed. Through this blog, I hope to be able to support all students in the VMS and as part of this, Aaliyah and I would love your suggestions for any topics which you would like to cover in the future.

If you would like to read my full bio and post me any questions, please click here.

Wellbeing Officer Aaliyah Bax, Year 12, Bolton School

Hi everyone, my name is Aaliyah and I am a Year 12 student at Bolton School. Alongside Hannah, I am one of the Welfare Officers on the VMS committee. I am so excited that you have decided to join Medic Mentor’s VMS and hope that you find this resource useful in supporting each other in our journeys towards becoming the doctors, dentists and vets of the future.

You can read my full bio and post me questions if you click here.

Research Officer Tom Krys, Year 12, St Johns College in Portsmouth

Hello Everyone. My Name is Tom Krys, and I am one of two Research Officers in the newly formed Virtual Medics Society. Research is something I have a massive passion for, and it can really set you apart when applying to Medical School. As part of the Committee I hope to be able to share my passion with all of you and help to give you the tools so that you can do some research yourself. I hope you are all as excited to get involved as I am.

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Research Officer Tabitha Premraj, Year 12, Wallington Girls

Hi everyone, my name is Tabitha Premraj and I’m currently a Year 12 student at Wallington High School for Girls. I am also one of the Research Officers on the Virtual Medical Society at Medic Mentor. My role being to work with the research scholars on projects and informing other society members of different projects occurring in the medical field. I hope to help each person, who is willing, to participate in research initiatives as participants or contributors. What made me choose medicine? My decision to study medicine is because of a constant opportunity for learning, the rewards inherent within the role and the wide range of career choices you can specialise in after medical school.

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Oxbridge Officer Nicola Bakova, Year 12, St Margarets Academy

Hello everyone! My name is Nicola Bakova but I go by Cole, and I am happy to introduce myself as an aspiring medic and one of the Oxbridge officers for the VMS. I am an S5 (year 12) student at St Margaret’s Academy in Scotland. As your Oxbridge officer I will be presenting the Oxbridge update at the society meetings along with Lorraine and will take part in many more things to ensure that all students have all the up-to-date knowledge and any useful information on Oxbridge. Alongside that I will be doing my utmost best in all my other responsibilities as a part of the student committee, working with them as a team to ensure the VMS flourishes and that YOU, the amazing members, get the most out of this society. The committee, myself included, are there for you if you have any question, concern, or suggestion.

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Oxbridge Officer Lorraine Jarvis, Year 12, Lady Margaret School

Hi guys! My names Lorraine, one of the Oxbridge officers in the medic mentor virtual medical society committee. I’m so excited to be able to share resources and do what I can, In collaboration with all the other amazing people in the committee, to make this society be the best it can be for everyone. I’m a year 12 student attending Lady Margaret School in west London. In terms of career aspirations, I am an aspiring medic hoping to apply to medical school this October. As Oxbridge officer, my role consists of making sure that any Oxbridge updates are communicated to students in our weekly Tuesday meetings- so keeping up to date with Cambridge and oxford’s websites, as well as coming up with new ideas and resources that will be of benefit to the everyone and of course collecting opinions from members about the topics they would like more information on and communicating with the president and vice presidents to ensure these are covered in the meetings.

To read my full bio and post me questions please click here.

Committee Secretary Elizabeth Varaksina, Year 12, King Edward VI Camp Hill Girls

Hey guys, I’m Lizzie, the new Secretary of the Virtual Medical Society. I am a Year 12 student, currently studying four A Levels (maths, biology, chemistry, and physics) at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls in Birmingham. In the VMS, the Secretary acts as a glue, keeping all the parts in the system functioning accordingly. Being continually involved with other members of the leadership cabinet, the Secretary must work swiftly and efficiently to document the society’s meetings, timetables, agendas, and other activities.
In this role, one can get a truthful insight into the professional realities of working in an administrative post,  much like the jobs FY1 doctors are offered in their hospital day shifts. As well as liaising with the  participants of the society, the Secretary forms a sturdy bridge between the Mentors and the student  committee, a task requisite in the smooth-running of the process. They are also vital in managing the formation and timing of general meetings.

To read my full bio and post me questions please click here.

Virtual Medical Society Committee - Autumn Term 2020

President: Eleanor Martin, Year 12, Swanmore College

Hi everyone, I’m Ellie and I am over the moon to announce myself as the new President of Medic Mentor’s Virtual Medical Society. As an aspiring medic, I have just begun studying for my A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College down on the South Coast of England.

My VMS committee journey began back in May 2020 as an Education Officer where I worked alongside the most incredible team of like-minded young people to provide quality content for our members. We faced challenges, hurdles, moments of pride and moments of complete panic (the latter more often than you would expect!) but what brought us through the other end was the way we all held each other’s back through thick and thin. It was crazy to think how I could work and succeed with people over 500 miles away from me. As the newly elected President, I want to be able to guide the new committee through the (potentially overwhelming!) process of running an ever-growing, national medical society so that, not only can we continue to provide resources for your journey to university, but we can do this whilst feeling supported and caring for ourselves and each other at the same time.

I have grown up with dogs and numerous other furry friends so alongside my interests in human medicine, I am also fascinated by animals and their quirks. It would be amazing if as a committee we could explore how our veterinary content could be adapted and improved – we have some ideas but please, if you are an aspiring vet, let me know in the comments what you would like to see.

In the future, I am keen to train as a paediatric surgeon – I volunteer with children suffering from cerebral palsy and love seeing them achieve things they never thought were possible. It really is beautiful to be a part of something like that.

And so, that brings me in a round circle really; helping something to achieve what could never have been imagined – the VMS in a nutshell. 

It’s been a journey – one that I am so excited and honoured to keep travelling on. 

I hope I can do Medic Mentor proud.

Vice President: Arnav Rustogi, Year 12, Upton Court Grammar School

Hello everyone! My name is Arnav Rustogi, and I am a Year 12 student at Upton Court Grammar School. I am an aspiring Medic and currently hold the position of Vice President in the Virtual Medical Society, looking forward to helping you guys in your journey to becoming future healthcare professionals. 

Being a Doctor was not something that clicked within me since my early childhood. For years, my career interests had been fluctuating continuously, whether it be a linguist, lawyer or historian, amidst several other fascinations. However, it was not until I attended a Get into Medicine Conference earlier this year that I felt ever so inspired and determined to fixate myself on medicine. Since then, I have participated in the Awards Programme and have enrolled for the 2021 Summer School, also being an ambassador in the Medical Leadership Programme, the latter having helped me to gain a more principled and open-minded view on the profession. Despite an unsuccessful application for membership in the first committee, I was extremely intent on trying again for the second one, spending more time on my application and making sure to reflect on my experiences, ultimately enabling me to earn my current position.

As Vice President, I am responsible for the management and coordination of the VMS alongside Poppy, the second Vice President. I aim to work collaboratively with my team to provide you with the best experience and opportunities we can. I also wish to further ameliorate my understanding of this career path, to develop key skills with this role, and to actively contribute towards future sessions and events to ensure that we all can share ideas and achieve our goals. Coming to my hobbies, I am a classical music fanatic and love to learn new languages (fun fact – I can additionally communicate in Hindi, Japanese, French and Urdu!). I enjoy playing the piano and reading about Indian, Greek and Japanese mythology; I also take pleasure in skating and playing badminton.  

Currently, I am unsure of what branch of Medicine I intend to specialise in, but I have a fascination for the heart and immunology. My main reason for choosing Medicine is due to my invested interest in the study of Biology and the anatomy of the human mind, the intricacy of which captivates me. However, I also wish to develop my empathetic responses and to be able to effectively interact with people to get to know them better. I am extremely excited to lead the VMS and I hope to influence others to be confident and risk-taking in their approach to working for these careers!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with me. I would love to answer your queries, whether they be feedback or questions about the application process. 

I want to leave you guys with this quote that really speaks to me about what it means to be a Doctor:

“He is the best physician who is the most ingenious inspirer of hope.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Education Officer and Publicity Officer: Charlie Cunningham, Year 12, Range High Sixth Form

Hi! My name is Charlie Cunningham and I am a year 12 (s5) student, attending Range High Sixth Form in Formby, Liverpool. I am proud to announce that I am your new educational and publicity officer within the VMS and I can’t wait to start my duties and help grow our amazing society! As the only aspiring Dentist within the VMS committee, I hope to bring  knowledge and insight of the dentistry world during VMS meetings and help as many students in the application process as possible. I decided to pursue Dentistry because the ability to restore a persons smile and self confidence is rewarding and personally fulfilling. I was inspired by my own experiences of insecurity when I would hide my smile in pictures and constantly worry about the appearance of my teeth. When my orthopaedic and dental treatment was complete, my confidence was transformed and it was in this moment that I realised the power of dentistry in shaping a persons self esteem and what I could do for other people if I were to follow this career path.  For me, dentistry is challenging, technical and empowering and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me. 

As I have previously mentioned, I have been elected a dual role within the Virtual Medical Society. This means that I will act as both your publicity and educational officer and it is my responsibility as educational officer, to organise Andy arrange new topics of debate with Jade for VMS sessions as well as managing the medic mentor social media sites. As publicity manager I hope to increase membership and VMS awareness whilst helping aspiring medics kick start their career. 

Born in to a military family, I spent my childhood living in different countries such has Germany and South east Asia. These early experiences have helped me make sense of the world and its many cultures and sparked my desire to travel and see what the rest world has to offer. I love meeting new people with different backgrounds and I hope this experience will be beneficial academically, personally and in my future career.

Thank you for reading my little autobiography, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy the VMS and make the most of this amazing opportunity.  If you have any further questions please feel free to ask me on slack or in the comment section that should be on the bottom of this page.

Charlie 🙂


Education Officer and Fundraising Officer: Jade Moosan, Year 12, King Edwards Five Ways

Hi everyone! My name is Jade Moosan and I’m a Year 12 student taking A level Biology, Chemistry and Maths at King Edwards Five Ways. I am beyond exhilarated and honoured to be taking on my roles as one of the new educational officers and fundraising officers of the Virtual Medical Society. As an aspiring medic, I am particularly looking forward to collaborating with like-minded students as well as aspiring dentists and vets.


During my free time, I really enjoy listening to and creating music. More specifically, I’m a grade 6 violinist and despite the challenging nature of the instrument, I find it extremely fun and relaxing to play. Moreover, I often play in groups as part of an orchestra which is a great opportunity for me to develop team working skills as well as make new friends and connections with people based off our common interest and love for music. Not only is teamwork a valuable skill for life in general, but especially important for a doctor to possess as part of an MDT. 

My initial involvement with Medic Mentor dates back to November of 2019 when I attended the National Healthcare Weekend. I was always interested in becoming a doctor, however attending this conference undoubtedly strengthened my desire to pursue a career in medicine. Since then, I have enrolled in the leadership and awards programme as well as the summer school next year. Additionally, during the Covid-19 lockdown, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the Covid-19 innovation programme where I developed a number of transferable skills and met many new people.

Throughout my role as an educational officer, I will be responsible for overseeing the learning aspects of the Virtual Medical Society. As a result, I’ll be involved in planning the activities that will take place during the weekly meetings and paying close attention to any requests or queries that the members of the society may have.  Furthermore, as one of the fundraising officers, I’ll be responsible for organising campaigns, monitoring the fundraisers that Medic Mentor promote and coming up with creative ways to raise awareness. I’m looking forward to delivering weekly meeting updates on the progress we’ve made and the milestones we’ve reached together as members of the VMS. I believe that being member of the committee is a fantastic opportunity to develop countless transferable skills such as, organisation, teamwork, leadership and research which are crucial for a career in medicine.

Wellbeing Officer: Matthew Restall, S5, George Heriot's School

Hello, I’m Matthew and I am in S5 at George Heriot’s School in Edinburgh. I am excited to be one of the new Wellbeing Officers on the VMS committee along with Anusha. From an early age I had been fascinated by the workings of the human body and subsequently a career in medicine. However, it was not until I attended a National Healthcare Weekend (now called the “Get Into Medicine Conference”) that I fully appreciated what would be required to pursue this interest further. Following on from the knowledge that I had gained I joined onto the Medical Awards Programme. This allowed me to set goals to achieve criteria that would ultimately assist my application to medical school. Some time later I signed up to the Summer School which I will be attending this summer and was subsequently enrolled onto the Medical Leadership Programme. Then as lockdown hit, I signed up as a member on the VMS to ensure I kept up to date with the medical application process. I have gained many invaluable experiences and bits of knowledge through Medic Mentor that are simply not provided elsewhere. One of these notable experiences was the opportunity to undertake a piece of research in the form of a presentation as part of the COVID-19 Innovation Programme.

As one of the Wellbeing Officers I will be helping to write the wellbeing blogs. We want these to be as useful to you as possible so please do get in contact if there is anything that you would like us to cover. Another aspect of the role is to look after all aspects of wellbeing for the VMS members. This is something that has always been important as part of a full-on application process, but I believe it is even more so now with all that is or isn’t going on around the world. 

In addition, I enjoy playing cricket as a player and also a coach to younger players. I play piano, viola and sing in the chamber choir at school and particularly enjoy the social aspect that music provides. Finally, I also enjoy looking after my many pets including reptiles and amphibians. I have more recently been working hard on improving my nano reef tank.

Wellbeing Officer: Anusha Shivji, Year 12, The Judd School

Hi everyone! My name is Anusha and I’m in Year 12 at The Judd School. I’m an aspirational medic and take Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. When I’m not studying, I enjoy playing hockey, the piano, the oboe and singing. I have also been a part of the Scouting movement for 8 years and love to read and cook (although I am not very good at cooking yet!)

I joined the Medic Mentor family in January 2020 and have felt I have already accomplished so much. I am a part of the leadership programme and am going on Summer School 2021. Furthermore, I am currently doing my Gold Award and have been a member of the VMS since May 2020. Recently, I wrote an article titled ‘Understanding the ability to use an Adrenaline Auto-Injector (EpiPen) In A Teenage Population,’ that was published in the Mentor magazine. 

My role as wellbeing officer will entail helping all of you manage the stresses of applying to medical school. There are many obstacles to overcome whilst trying to obtain a place at a medical school and my role in the committee is finding ways to tackle these problems and to give you some techniques to help you become the best applicant you can be. 

If I was to fulfil my dream of becoming a qualified doctor and graduating medical school I would make it my mission to help as many people as I could. At this point in time, at the beginning of Year 12, I am not entirely sure what speciality I would like to go into so I would go into medical school with an open mind and see what is right for me when placements start in Year 3. Even before I decided to follow a career path in medicine, I dreamt of being able to work abroad even if it was only for a short period of time as I have always loved travelling and was very passionate about learning French and Spanish for GCSE. However, outside of medicine, when I am older I would love to be able to run a marathon (ambitious thinking but currently, I am trying to run more when I have some free time). 

I hope to be able help and interact with as many of you as possible. If you have any questions regarding wellbeing or anything else you are worried about please let me know!

Research Officer: Beth Wilkinson, Year 12, Oakgrove Secondary

My name is Beth and I am currently starting year 12 at Oakgrove secondary school. I have always wanted to go into medicine, it combines my love for helping people, science, maths and it is incredibly varied. I am really attracted to the fact that each day in hospital can be massively different to the next and each patient has their own individual needs. This is the reason why I have not chosen a specialty that I wish to focus on, I have no idea what I will find interesting when the time comes. 

I am the new research officer which will require me to research topics we bring up in VMS meetings and I will hopefully be making a series of tutorial videos on how to improve the quality of your essays. Previously, I have tried to take advantage of as many of the opportunities that Medic Mentors have provided me with as possible. I first attended the get into medicine conference in February 2020 and since then have enrolled in the awards programme, the leadership programme, have written for two essay competitions, campaigned for the RMBF/MM charity during lockdown and have worked over the summer to pay for the summer school next year. 

Outside of school and medic mentors I love to do kickboxing, boxing and running. I have also taken up meditation to help me relax which I have found very useful. In addition, whenever I can find the time I love to draw, it is a great creative outlet and also helps with dexterity. Once I am a qualified doctor I hope to travel the world, I especially hope to go backpacking in Thailand. I am really excited to be the new research officer and hope that I will be an asset to the VMS.

Research Officer

Oxbridge Officer: Queen Tanimowo, Year 12, Basildon Upper Academy sixth form

Hello everyone! My name is Queen. I am currently in year 12 studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Basildon Upper Academy sixth form and I am an aspiring medic. I am honoured to be your Oxbridge officer in the virtual medical society, my duty is to make sure everyone is up to date with any Oxbridge related information and of course to ensure this, I will be presenting in the weekly meetings. I am very excited to be able to overall help you all towards your journey to becoming a healthcare professional alongside my brilliant team!I’ve always known I wanted to pursue a career in medicine and become a doctor since a very young age and I very much enjoyed playing doctors and pretending to treat my friends and family members as a child (which was always fun). I do not yet know which aspect of medicine I intend to specify in simply because there are just so many different specialities that fascinate me!! I am particularly interested in cardiology and anaesthesiology yet also many more.
I initially became aware about Medic Mentor during the lockdown and I most definitely could never regret my decision to get involved in such an obliging medical family. I attended the National Healthcare Weekend conference which further broadened my knowledge on the process of getting into medical school. Furthermore, it also motivated me even more to pursue my career in medicine. I applied for a committee role not too long after this  and I was exhilarated to find out that I have been given the role of Oxbridge officer. I will do everything within my power to fulfil my role to the best of my ability and overall help everyone I can in any aspect necessary. I am hopeful to soon enrol into the awards and leadership programme too.An interesting fact about myself is that I previously lived in Ireland for nearly 12 years of my life (I can speak Irish) and I have been a competitive athlete since the age of 4 and I’ve achieved National titles in athletics and still currently compete. Alongside athletics, I also partake in a few other sports such as tennis, basketball and rugby. Furthermore, I have climbed 3 mountains, one being the tallest in England which I surprisingly enjoyed. In my church services, I take pleasure in playing the drums, but I also like playing the recorder from time to time. Prior to COVID, I volunteered for a social group where I spoke to members of the public about knife crime prevention. I also used to take such delight in being able to sing carols for my local care home.Within my role, I wish to further some of my skills such as; organisation, leadership and teamwork as these are important attributes required by a healthcare professional. In the future I also hope to perhaps work abroad for some time as I would love to experience how healthcare is in other countries and I find travelling so enjoyable.If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask me as I would be very much happy to help (you can do this in the comment section or slack)

Committee Secretary