Virtual Medical Society Meeting 7-8pm 28th April 2020

The meeting video has been split into 8 parts below.  If you scroll to the bottom, you can access the agenda, pre-reading and useful links.

Agenda for the meeting this evening, hosted by Dr Siva, Chief Mentor for schools:

– Intro to Medic Mentor (for new members)

– Aims and objectives of the VMS

– Student Committee Positions and application deadline

– Recap of interview questions discussed on WhatsApp Group

– Usage of WhatsApp Group

– The latest MM updates: new episodes of How to Become a Doctor Series and the latest UCAT Blog by Rebecca Glendell, COVID-19 Mission Campaign update

-Answering other questions that came up this week on the WhatsApp

                – some Awards confusion – Dr Kennedy (Chief Mentor of Awards) to clarify

                – I have an interest in business, but I want to be a doctor.

                – Where can you look for work experience and volunteering opportunities now during lockdown


VMS Pre-reading

Here are the links to the blogs you should have read prior to the meeting for discussion:

How To Write An Application Form And Get Noticed

Want to save the NHS? Improve your leadership skills

What is the UCAT and what should I be doing now to prepare?

Useful Resources to check out

There were a lot of links posted on the group this week, some of them are useful, some maybe not as useful but here are a list of the important ones. 

Most important ones to check out this week:

How to become a doctor podcast series by Scholars Lucy and Ciara

Medicine Awards Programme

Student Committee Application Form

Covid-19 Mission Volunteering Opportunity

National Medical Essay Competition

Brighton and Sussex Virtual Work Experience

GP online Work Experience by the Royal College of General Practicioners

Spare Time?

If you have some time there were some interesting webinars taking place this week.  But please bear in mind that they do ask for you to input details and sign up for paid for items etc:

1. Being an A&E Covid Doctor

Just a note about this webinar – the company that produced this webinar offers paid for work experience courses.  This is something that you should not be paying for.  So be careful not to committ to something like this because medical schools want to see you organising your own work experience and volunteering placements.  They also frown upon international placements – this has also been mentioned in the medical schools council guidance document on work experience which you can check out here: Medical Schools Council Work Experience Info Sheet

2. Free UCAT webinar

Please note, that Medic Mentor do not endorse this company’s resources.  They do offer UCAT courses too which you can sign up to, which is entirely your decision, you do not have to.