Every 4 weeks, the Virtual Medical Society (VMS) will be hosting a live debate as part of the VMS meeting for all members in medicine, veterinary and dentistry streams. This will involve teams of up to 5 students for pro and against in each specialty (medicine/vet/dentistry).  The debate itself will be chaired by a member of the VMS committee.  The VMS meetings will also be moderated by Chief Mentors.  If you would like to participate in the debate, please complete the online form below and select the subject that you are interested in debating.

If you have been selected by the committee to debate, we will be in touch with some instructions.  You will be expected to research and prepare your arguments for the debate alongside your team members.  You will then be presenting your side live as a group and answering questions from the VMS members on the floor.  You will be doing this with your video switched off but your audio turned on throughout the meeting.  Please note that meetings will be recorded to for VMS members to watch back later on a password protected area of the website.

Entering also contributes towards your Awards Programme. Discuss with your Awards Mentor for more information.  You will also be given a certificate for participating in the Debate. It is also worth mentioning that researching around the topic will prepare you for interview questions and debating will also improve your confidence for your medical/dental/vet school interviews.

 In order to put yourself forward for this educational opportunity, please complete the form below and we will be in touch if you have been selected.

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If you have any questions for the Education Officers, Patryk and Ellie, please post them on the comments section below, and they will get back to you.  You can also post anonymously if you like.