The Only Free Virtual Work Experience in the UK run by practising Vets!

Veterinary Mentor as part of the UK’s largest medical family, welcome you to participate in the free live virtual work experience open to any student in the UK wishing to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.  This work experience programme is completely unique because unlike other virtual work experience programmes, as they were recorded LIVE, using high fidelity simulation. The programme is centred around the patients and their owners and will follow their journey’s over a 6-month period as they go from diagnosis, to treatment and follow up, that is provided by qualified and practicing vets here in the UK.  As a student, you will be able to ask any of the veterinary team questions about the cases you see.  It will be as if you are really there, but from the comfort of your own home and without putting you at risk during the COVID pandemic. Vet Mentor are committed to ensuring that students still have the opportunity to gain valuable insight into healthcare careers and high quality application support, even in these difficult times.

Time Commitment

Vet Mentor have created a brand new e-learning programme that has replaced the live virtual work experience sessions. All of these sessions were recorded live, and they are not numbered so you can watch them in any order you want.

We release our sessions on a monthly basis over a 6 month period. You have a month to complete each session before it closes.

You can join at any point, as these sessions are not numbered anymore and are repeated.

Once you have completed all 6 sessions, you will obtain a certificate that will be made available on your student portal.

Please note that you must create an account on the WEX Library before you can enrol on any courses. This is not the same as your Student Portal.

Who can Apply?

Any student from any school across the UK, in years’ 10-12 or S3-S5, can apply. 

Will I receive a certificate for attending?

In order to obtain a certificate you must complete all 6 sessions of the Vet WEX.

Each session is released on a monthly basis over a 6 month period. Once each session is open, you have a month to complete them.

These sessions are not numbered anymore and are repeated, so you can join at any point of the programme. As long as you complete all 6 sessions, you will be able to gain access to your certificate. You cannot watch the same session twice, as this does not count.

Your progress bar for each session must be marked as 100% so that your attendance is recorded. You will not receive a certificate if you have not fully attended a session.

Please do not expect certificates immediately following the final session. You will receive your certifcate approximately between 2-4 weeks following the programme’s completion.

Is there homework?

Unofficially, yes. We have provided you with self directed tasks within your free reflective journal which you can choose to complete in your own time. The homework is not mandatory and this will be outlined by your mentors on the day. The homework is designed for those pro-active students to further there reflective skills when it comes to personal statement writing required for thier UCAS application. You do not submit your homework.

Will the session be interactive?

We use an interactivity platform called Slido which enables you to take part in polls, quizzes and Q and A’s. The questions that you ask will be answered live by our vets and vet students.

What you should know before you register!

 It is essential that when you register you enter your up-to-date email address. Please ensure that you have entered your details correctly. Not doing so will mean you will not receive important updates from us. We highly recommend you do not use your school email address, most have firewalls which cause our emails to bounce or have limited capacity and so our emails can end up in spam. Please check your spam folders before emailing our SAS team.

Professionalism. We have a zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour during our programmes. Our team work tirelessly alongside full time clinical roles to bring you this fantastic CV boosting and learning opportunity for free. Unprofessional conduct will result in your removal from the programme with immediate effect. Vet Mentor have no afffiliation with any spin off groups and any correspondence from us will be provided through our official channels, you should avoid sharing personal information with any external groups not affiliated with our organisation. Online safety is of paramount importance to us expecially in the COVID-19 online era.

The Application

Students and parents must complete all sections as accurately as possible. Please take the time to complete the form carefully.  You only need to complete the application once but if you do make a mistake, you can complete it again.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Opt Out

Only complete the following form if you wish to opt out of the programme. Once this form has been submitted, you will taken off of the programme and will no longer received communication from us regarding it. Thank you.