Conservation is the protection of plants, animals and habitats, especially from human activity.  In order to conserve species, we need to understand the challenges that a species face in their natural habitat; so we can mitigate these risks.
This month’s problem based learning will be to look into threats facing the Serengeti Lion, Pathera leo.
Questions to help guide your discussion:
1. What diseases are lions prone to catching in the Serengeti?
2. Are any of these diseases treatable?
3. Can these diseases be prevented?
4. What diseases do lions face specifically in a conservation setting, as a
result of captivity?
5. What human factors are causing risks to lions in the wild?
6. How can these human factors be mitigated?
7. What role can education play in protecting Serengeti Lions?

We encourage students to research and post answers in the comments below and  Dr Robert Campbell Vice President of Veterinary Medicine, will be answering your questions and reviewing your answers in a live discussion on the upcoming Virtual Medical Society Meeting on the 19th May.