The Mid-Point Review

The Mid-point Review 8th July 2018

Stay on track with your application.  Limited Spaces!

What is the Mid-point Review?

The Mid-point Review is for our existing (year 10-12 or S3-S5) Medic Mentor students, who have already attended National Healthcare Weekend and have a good working knowledge of the application process, and an insight into their chosen careers.  Building on the knowledge gained from that event, it gives our students an opportunity to meet with Mentors and review the progress that they have made on their applications.  The day is made up of 5 workshops with smaller groups to provide a more personalised approach, compared with the conferences over National Healthcare Weekend.  Therefore, spaces for this event are limited, but there will be an opportunity to attend again next year.  Students have the option of purchasing a pre-made portfolio, which they will be encouraged to maintain and bring back to future review events and use at school for references in future.  Parents are encouraged to attend and participate in the Parent Support Network, a dedicated workshop run by parents of successful Medic Mentor students.  This event is free for Summer School students to attend, and for students from low-income backgrounds via the Student Diversity Fund.

What happens on the day?

The day is broken up into 5 stations and the groups circulate.  This ensures that the students get more personalised access to the Mentors and Admissions Tutors and reps, who are running the sessions.  The sessions cover:

  1. Admissions Tutors and reps.
  2. Meet with a Mentor: discuss any problems that you have been having and revisiting the reasons why you have chosen that career – have you made an informed decision?
  3. CV building and work experience trouble-shooting
  4. Portfolios and Professionalism
  5. Parent Support Group (this is an optional station for our parental network)
  6.  There is a dedicated workshop for Medic Mentor Summer School students only.  To learn more about the Summer School, please click here.

Where are the Mid-point Reviews held?

Mid-point Review events require a huge amount of organisation, so it is only available in London on the 8th July.  The review will be held at the University of East London in Stratford.  The day will run from 10.30am to 4.30pm, with networking breaks in between.  Summer School students will have an extra 1 hour session in preparation for the Summer School, where they will meet their colleagues and Summer School Mentors; therefore, they will finish at 5.30pm.

Learn More about the Review Workshops

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