The Mentors Behind Medic Mentor

Meet The Education Directorate

The Education Directorate is made up of a committee of Doctors, Dentists and Vets from across the UK.  They Mentor the Scholars (university students) who are responsible for the development of a variety of educational projects within Medic Mentor.  As a team, they Mentor over 6000 secondary school students each year!

They also work alongside the School Ambassador Council which is a committee of secondary school students from across the UK, who feed back to the Vice Presidents regarding Medic Mentor initiatives.

What we do

Our Mission is to ‘Motivate Medical Minds’ and provide a platform for future healthcare leaders to develop their skills and grow!


Dr Dhakshana Sivayoganathan (known as Dr Siva to her students), is President of Medic Mentor.  She oversees the overall running of the Education Directorate and the committee of Vice Presidents.  She is very passionate about teaching and loves doing school visits and meeting new students at National Healthcare Weekend.  In her spare time she loves painting, singing, cooking and eating!


Vice President of Publishing

Dr Iain Kennedy is the VP of Publishing.  Her mentors the scholars who are developing new books or updating existing publications.  He also oversees the production and distribution of the Mentor Magazine. He is an expert in written communication and subsequently teaches personal statements at the Medic Mentor Summer School.  In his spare time he loves sci-fi movies, swimming and (unsurprisingly) reading!


Vice President of Summer Schools

Dr Priyanga Kumar is the VP of Summer Schools.  She has been in receipt of Medic Mentor Scholarships as a Medical Student and recently graduated from the University of Leicester.  She has been a Mentor at the Summer School for the past 3 years and heavily involved in the design and organisation of the programme, as well as selecting the best Mentors to teach the aspiring students.  She loves music, dancing and travelling!


Vice President of Mentoring

Dr Sharonjeet Uppal is the VP of Mentoring.  She oversees the School Ambassador Leadership Programme, by reviewing applications and selecting secondary school students who demonstrate the potential to become future healthcare leaders.  She also co-ordinates and designs the council meetings where School Ambassadors are taught valuable skills from experienced Mentors.


Vice President of Scotland

Dr Alex Czepulkowski (also known as Dr Alex) is the VP of Scotland.  He is a CT2 doctor doing core medical training in the North of Scotland, rotating around Aberdeen and the Shetlands. Dr Alex graduated from the university of Cambridge in 2012 and since has taken a rather unusual career pathway. His medical journey has taken him to Wales, England, Northern Island, Nepal, Honduras, Colombia, Fiji and now Scotland. He trains the presenter scholars and overseas the School Ambassador Council in Scotland.


Vice President of Educational Resources

Dr Lauren Quinn is the VP of Educational Resources.  Dr Quinn was awarded 2 Medic Mentor scholarships whilst at medical school and recently graduated from the University of Birmingham.  She is an Academic Foundation Doctor working in Leicester and one of her main roles is the development of Medic Mentor’s long-distance Study Guide Programme.  Dr Quinn and her team of Scholars produce monthly Study Guides and teach free online webinars to Medic Mentor secondary school students across the country.  She has a special interest in medical education and research.


 supporting future doctors, dentists & Vets from all backgrounds

As a social enterprise we reinvest the majority of our proceeds back into Scholarship Programmes, free mentoring initiatives and our Student Diversity Fund (SDF). The SDF provides free places to students and their parents from low-income backgrounds to attend Medic Mentor events.  This ensures that students from all backgrounds can have access to the same high quality information and mentoring.

Students taught each year

schools work with our network

mentors across the UK

scholarships each year

Why we are different

Medic Mentor is not just another corporate ‘get into medicine’ company.  We are a nationwide academic network made up of healthcare professionals and students.  We are a social enterprise and our primary focus is empowering and supporting students to achieve their medical career aspirations.  We exist to nurture the next generation of healthcare leaders and game changers.

For Medic Mentor students, getting into medical, dental or vet school is the tip of the iceberg.  Not only will you take your first steps towards a healthcare career, Medic Mentor will be with you for the rest of the journey.

We are the only organisation that can provide comprehensive application support, but also invest in you as an individual through our Scholarship Programmes and free mentoring initiatives.

We have a strong ‘Pay it forward’ attitude which is why many of our students return as Mentors and stay involved in the Medic Mentor family.

We provide more than just knowledge and guidance – we MENTOR. 

Educational Resources

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