The Mentors Behind Medic Mentor

Meet The Education Directorate

The Education Directorate is a national committee of Doctors, Dentists and Vets.  They Mentor the Scholars (university students) who are responsible for the development of a variety of educational projects within Medic Mentor.  As a team, they overseeing around 4000 Mentors across the UK; collectively mentoring over 6000 secondary school students each year!

They also work alongside the School Ambassador Council which is a committee of secondary school students, who feed back to the Vice Presidents regarding the effectiveness of Medic Mentor initiatives.

President Dr Lauren Quinn

Dr Lauren Quinn is an Academic Foundation Trainee based in Leicester with a special interest in Diabetes and Endocrinology.  Her role in Medic Mentor is to provide vision and oversee the Education Directorate, a national committee of doctors, dentists and vets who govern Medic Mentor. 

Vice President Dr Priyanga Kumar

Dr Kumar is a Foundation Trainee working in Leicester and has been a recepient of several Medic Mentor Scholarships as a medical student.  She is the Vice President of Summer Schools and oversees the design and implementation of the programme.


Vice President Dr Sharon Uppal

Dr Uppal is a Dental Trainee and Leadership Fellow based in Birmingham.  She has a special interest in Dental Public Health and Leadership.  As the Vice President of Leadership at Medic Mentor she oversees the School Ambassador Leadership Programme.


Vice President Dr Sherri-Anne Pegg

Dr Sherri-Anne is a Veterinary Surgeon currently working in a Seal Sanctuary in the north of England.  She is Vice President of Awards and oversees the annual Medic Mentor Awards Evening that takes place in August for all of our Scholarship students.


Vice President Dr Alex Czepulkowski

Dr Alex (as he is commonly known) is the Vice President for Scotland.  He oversees the School Ambassadors and National Healthcare Weekend events in  Scotland as well as mentoring the Scottish Scholarships students.

Vice President Dr Oyin Alabi

Dr Alabi is a Foundation Trainee who has a special interest in Sexual and Reproductive Health.  She is also the Vice President of Scholarships at Medic Mentor.  As such, she mentors the Scholars and designs the Scholar’s Summer School programme. 

Vice President Dr Raymond Diallo

Dr Diallo is a Foundation Trainee based in Leeds and Vice President of Scholarships.  He was in receipt of Medic Mentor Scholarships as a medical student and is passionate about enhancing the scholarship programme with a strong academic and career focus.

Vice President Dr Claire Gillon

Dr Gillon is a Neurosurgical Fellow and is the Vice President of Publishing at Medic Mentor.  She is responsible for overseeing the development of the books and the national magazine.  

What we do

Our Mission is to ‘Motivate Medical Minds’ and provide a platform for future healthcare leaders to develop their skills and grow!

 supporting future doctors, dentists & Vets from all backgrounds

As a social enterprise we reinvest the majority of our proceeds back into Scholarship Programmes, free mentoring initiatives and our Student Diversity Fund (SDF). The SDF provides free places to students and their parents from low-income backgrounds to attend Medic Mentor events.  This ensures that students from all backgrounds can have access to the same high quality information and mentoring.

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Our Mission & Vision

Medic Mentor reinvests proceeds back into our students by providing the UK's largest medical scholarship programme and a variety of free mentoring initiatives. We support talented students from application to graduation! Get in touch with us to find out more.


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Available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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