The Education Directorate

Who are the Education Directorate?

The Education Directorate are a National Committee of Healthcare Professionals and Degree Students, who are appointed via an annual selection process for highly sought after roles. In turn, these positions provide members of the ED with teaching, presenting and mentoring experience. They are also responsible for the development of useful educational resources such as books, events, the national magazine, school societies programme and online resources.

The Education Directorate meet at least four times a year to discuss the advancement of various projects. This is also an opportunity for the 'Medi' (healthcare professionals) to appraise and evaluate the skills development of their mentee Scholar (healthcare degree student) as they undertake their scholarship projects.

At present there are 15 members of the Medical Education Directorate. However, as Medic Mentor's scholarship programme expands to offer 90 scholarships in the coming academic year (September 2017), the Education Directorate will more than double in size for 2017/18. There will soon be a Medical ED and a Specialties ED (which will include Vets, Dentists and Psychologists).

Interested in Joining the Education Directorate?

Scholarship and Medical applications will open in September and close in November 2017. Students from any degree year may apply including Year 13 offer holders. The new committees will start their term in January 2018 and continue for an entire year. You can learn more about Medi and Scholar applications here. In the meantime, find out what our current Scholars and Medi have been up to: