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Be part of Medic Mentor Residential Summer Schools 2018 Held at Nottingham University

“Spend a fun-filled summer mentoring younger students with their medical, dental or veterinary school applications, whilst developing your own skills and being generously rewarded.”


 Why Apply to be a Summer School mentor and Scholar?

Every day as a summer school mentor, you will have the opportunity to accelerate the growth of your mentoring skills. The summer school and the ongoing support you will provide the participants is an excellent platform to develop your teaching and leadership skills, and to grow your confidence. The Scholarship training day will also give you an opportunity to learn in more detail about teaching and mentoring from experienced professionals.

You are guaranteed to leave this experience feeling fulfilled and having had a lot of fun. You are the vital ingredient in creating a nurturing and positive environment that will encourage the participants to work to their potential and become more capable, confident and closer to being a medical, dentistry or veterinary student. In our previous summer schools, the highlight for the participants has always been the work and care that our summer school mentors have shown them.


About Medic Mentor’s Residential Summer School 2017

There are three residential summer schools held at Nottingham University.  Week 1 is from 23/07/18 – 27/07/18, Week 2 is from the 30/07/18 – 03/08/18 and week 3 is the 06/08/18 – 10/08/18. The Summer School is a highly comprehensive programme designed to support aspiring doctors, vets and dentists in submitting the best UCAS applications that they can..  Students will get personal statement tutoring, UKCAT and BMAT tutoring (for medics and dentists) and get prepared on the wider reading and techniques for interviews. Additionally, the summer school provides the platform for the students to form ongoing mentoring relationships with you, our mentors, which they find invaluable and are extremely grateful for.  You will be provided with all of the training that you require to facilitate teaching activities during the teaching and mentoring training day in London, prior to the Summer School.


How much is the scholarship?


Application Deadlines

The total amount of scholarship that you receive will depend on how many weeks that you teach at the Summer School. Scholarships of £400 are provided to each Mentor per week. Therefore, if you were to teach for all 3 weeks, you would receive a scholarship of £1200. In addition, Medic Mentor will provide full board to cover the costs of your food and accommodation during the summer school. You will also receive a personal reference letter and a certificate, both of which would be very useful for your portfolio. You will also be awarded at the Medic Mentor Awards Evening on the 1st of December 2018.

How did Scholars find the experience last year?

If all of this sounds exciting, then view the scholarship descriptions before completing the application form and sending it to us via our admin form. The final deadline for applications is 11th of July 2018, 5pm. You will be called for interviews via Skype following this. All Scholars must be available for the training day that is taking place on the Sunday before the start of the Summer School for which you have applied. Applications can be submitted before the deadline, and interview slots will be allocated early based on the quality of the application submitted.

Please ensure that you meet the following requirements before applying:
a) Available for the compulsor training day taking place at the University of Nottingham on the Sunday at the beginning of the Summer School week, for which you have applied e.g. if you have applied for week commencing the 23rd, then you will be expected to check into your room and attend training on Sunday the 22nd of July. If you have attended training once, then you do not need to attend again for consecutive weeks.
b) Available for the summer school weeks.
c) Have an enhanced DBS certificate that is no longer than 3 years old, for you to scan and submit before the training day, if your application has been successful.

Please note that scholarships will be paid on the successful completion of teaching at the Summer Schools. Medic Mentor has the right to terminate a scholarship in advance if scholar breeches the code of conduct. In the event of a termination, the scholarship will not be paid.