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We Mentor students from over 1000 secondary school across the UK.  As long as we are mentoring students at your school, you are eligible for free support to help set up a Medics Society and have free talks and visits from Doctors throughout the year.  If you don’t have students involved in Medic Mentor, you can choose to either host an event at your school or direct your students towards National Healthcare Weekend, where they can take their first steps towards becoming a doctor, dentist or vet!

Set Up a School Society

We can help to set up a Medical Society at your school, which is student-led and mentored by visiting doctors.  It is completely free to the school and the students.

School Ambassador Programme

This is the only Medical Leadership Programme for secondary school students in the UK.  We have 3 funded places per school and students from any year can apply.

Monthly Study Guides

The monthly study guides contain a PBL case, ethical and SJT scenario, current affairs debate, critical analysis of an article and a mock interview.  These exercises can be used to structure society meetings. 

National Medical Essay Competitions

The only National Medical Essay Competitions that exist for secondary school students.  Winners receive a book token and have their essay published in the Mentor Magazine.

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Medic Mentor reinvests proceeds back into our students by providing the UK’s largest medical scholarship programme and a variety of free mentoring initiatives. We support talented students from application to graduation! Get in touch with us to find out more.


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Available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm