Hello everyone.

I’m Adam and I am a 2nd Year Medical Student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland; I am also one of the Medic Mentor Scholars.

A lot of students in Scotland may know me as ‘Catman’ due to my excessive use of cat pictures in presentations.

I have been involved with Medic Mentor since I was in 3rd Year at school, attending NHWs in Stirling and then Summer School in Nottingham.

Summer School was one of the most amazing experiences I have had, and that is one of the main reasons why I am so excited to be Summer School Scholar for Scotland in 2020.

Teaching and coaching are things I thoroughly enjoy, and outside of Medic Mentor and University, I put these skills to good use as a youth football coach, however within the Medic Mentor family, I will be utilising these slightly differently.

My role in Medic Mentor is to help coordinate our first ever Summer School north of the English border, and try to build on the fantastic curriculum from last year, and bring
it up to date for 2021-22 applicants, to make sure
that Summer School is an unforgettable and truly
helpful and rewarding experience for everyone

Best wishes from St Andrews to the entire Medic Mentor family,

Adam Borland