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If you are starting Year 12 or S5 this year you can join us for Summer School in the summer of 2023 and be fully prepared to send in your application for the medical schools of your choice at the beginning of Year 13 and S6.

Use code June23 to get £400 off full-payment option

Register with 1 full payment of £3249 (inc VAT)

You can make a secure payment via Paypal, Credit Card or via Direct Bank Transfer.  Your place is confirmed once you have completed your order.

Register with a single payment of £250 (2024/2025 only)

You can secure your place by making a single payment of £250 deposit, and then 12 instalments of £249.91

Register with a single payment of £1,500

You can secure your place by making a single payment of £1,500 now, and then 3 instalments of £583 starting in the July of your Summer School year

 Please note that this includes a £250 deposit which is non-refundable. We will provide a refund minus your deposit if we receive your cancellation request in writing to our admin form, at least 6 months before the course begins. There is also a 2 week ‘cooling off’ period, where if you cancel within this time you can receive a full refund. Once you have been refunded, you will not be able re-register for the summer school again because it causes too much disruption and these places are highly valuable to our other students.