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What is the Student Diversity Fund?

The SDF is a fund set up by Medic Mentor to provide a limited number of free places for students and parents from low-income backgrounds to attend National Healthcare Weekend events.  Teachers can also attend for free. 
The fund also sponsors 3 main free mentoring initiatives for all Medic Mentor students from a variety of backgrounds:

3. The School Societies Programme.


What is the criteria for the Student Diversity Fund?

To apply for free places, students need to meet only 1 of the eligibility criteria:
1. Be in receipt of free school meals or
2. Have a combined family income of less than £25,000
We do not take into account grades, school, postcode, year of study or whether you are the first person in your family to attend university.
If you meet one of the above criteria then you are eligible to apply for free places for yourself and your parents to attend National Healthcare Weekend via the SDF.

All of our students can access the 3 main mentoring initiatives (mentioned above) by getting directly involved and following the instructions on the respective webpages.


How to access free places for National Healthcare Weekend:

If you are a student that meets 1 of the 2 eligibility criteria, the first step is to complete the online form below.  The details will be sent directly to our Engagement Officer Chloe, and you can contact her by emailing admin@medicmentor.org or calling the Mentor Helpline number 01530 417299.

The second step is to ask a Teacher at your school to email Chloe (admin@medicmentor.org) to confirm that you are a student attending the school and that you meet the eligibility criteria.  Once we have received the confirmation from your Teacher, we will consider your application for the free places.

As places are limited, free places are awarded based on a selection process. Successful candidates will be contacted once confirmation from your teacher has been received.

If you are a Teacher, wanting to attend National Healthcare Weekend, please contact our Engagement Officer Alex (School Lead) by emailing her at engagement@medicmentor.org.


Note: Unfortunately, all free places for events in the 2018/19 academic year have already been allocated, and therefore any applications for these events will not be accepted. Please only apply for events from September 2019 onwards.

Student Diversity Fund Application

  • Please supply us with the best email address for us to get in touch with you.
  • Please check the conference dates and locations on the National Healthcare Weekend webpage