School Ambassadors Council

School Ambassador Application

Do you have what it takes to be a future leader?

We are giving motivated and exceptional students the opportunity to join Medic Mentor's School Ambassadors Council. These regional councils will give Medic Mentor students a chance to engage further with the organisation, create initiatives that will be of benefit to their colleagues, and demonstrate excellent leadership skills in preparation for joining as future mentors and scholars! The discussions at council meetings will encourage the WAMS team at Medic Mentor to develop projects which are most likely to have the greatest impact on students nationally.

What is the purpose of the School Ambassadors Council?

The 9 objectives of the council are:

1. to ensure that each school is given a voice and has fair representation alongside other schools on a national level,
2. to give Medic Mentees (students) an opportunity to change and influence new projects and initiatives for the benefit of others,
3. to give students a platform to innovate, lead and make a difference to others in the medical world,
4. to provide excellent networking contacts for Student Ambassadors to support projects that they themselves might be undertaking at school,
5. to provide students with encouragement, motivation, confidence and mentoring on their application journeys,
6. to instil values such as honesty, integrity, respect for colleagues and the importance of helping others,
7. to provide a professional context for their studies, which will ultimately make them more informed and knowledgeable students,
8. to assist students in developing their personal professional and transferrable skills,
9. to give Mentees a chance to work with enthusiastic like-minded people and create a network of friends and colleagues for the future.


Students from any school in the UK or overseas can participate in the school leaders council if they are in years 7-13 or first to sixth year (for Scotland). Gap year students are not eligible to apply for this, but should look to apply for Gaptern positions, which will provide them with tailored support. Applying students must also have an interest in pursuing a healthcare career at the time of application, and must be available to attend council meetings.

Click on the images below to view the National School Soc Meeting Gallery

School Soc Meeting England

School Soc Meeting Wales

School Soc Meeting Scotland

Selection Criteria

We are looking for future leaders who demonstrate enthusiasm, a passion for learning, and who want to make a difference. Selectors will be looking for students who are eager to improve their transferable skills, particularly leadership. Although we expect students to have an interest in pursuing a healthcare career, this in itself will not be scored and all applicants will be considered equal. We will not be taking into account academic grades or year groups. We value experience, motivation and ideas above all else. School leaders can select one of 3 year group categories to apply for:

Years 7-9 or S1-S2,
Years 10-11 or S3-S4,
Years 12-13 or S5-S6.

This means that there can be 3 ambassadors representing each of the year groups above, from each school.

Please note that you must also acquire permission from your school to represent them as part of the School Ambassadors Council, on a national level.

When is the deadline?

Applications are open in rounds throughout the year. Therefore, if you are considering applying, we encourage you to do so as early as possible to increase your chances of success. The current round of applications close 15th December 2017.

Important Dates

Jan 27th and July 7th 2018

Jan 28th and July 8th 2018

Jan 13th and June 17th 2018

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