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Medical Wider-reading Study Series
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The Medical Wider-reading Study Series

A free long-distance study series to help you stay on top of important subjects such as current affairs, medical ethics, clinical scenarios and interview questions!

What is the Study Series?

The study series is a free, long-distance learning programme. It has been designed to help our students develop their insight and knowledge into topics that are vital to their applications; these topics are rarely covered in school curricula. Study Guides are emailed out each month to all of our members and contain interactive tasks including the following:

A clinical problem-based learning (PBL) case
An ethical scenario
An interview question
Critical analysis of an article
A current affairs debate

Each study guide is partnered with an online webinar hosted on youtube that is taught by Dr Lauren Quinn (Vice President of Educational Resources), and her team of Scholars.  This gives students a chance to work through the exercises with a Mentor and they can post questions to Dr Quinn using the live chat function during her online lecture!

How the Study Series can be used in schools…

The Study Series is a valuable tool for our School Societies Network, because it helps to provide our students with interactive tasks to undertake during society meetings that they run at school.  Dr Quinn and her Scholars scour through all of the latest news articles and select the most relevant subject to discuss.  This saves our students valuable time, so that they can focus on the areas that are most likely to come up in the interview!


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Dr Quinn will be teaching a webinar on the 29th October 2018 at 7pm on Medic Mentor’s Youtube channel!


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