Setting up a school society

Setting up a Medics Society or linking up an existing Medics Society with Medic Mentor couldn’t be easier!  Simply pick up the phone and speak to our School Lead, Alex Merritt or our Chief Mentor, Dr Siva, by calling 07454704204.  Alternatively, you can email or

Select a Date for your School Society Induction

First select a date for one of our Mentors to visit the school and provide an induction.  This usually takes 1 hour and covers three main topics:

1. How to be a successful applicant

2. How can Medic Mentor help?

3. How to effectively run your Medics Society



Contact Medic Mentor

You can speak to us on the phone by ringing the Mentor Helpline number 07454704204 or email We can double check if a Mentor is available to conduct your school visit and book them in.

Follow Up

At the induction visit our Mentors will teach students about using the study guides and applying for the school ambassador programmes.  We would advise that we arrange a follow up visit (we can do this in person or via Skype)  in 1 or months to ensure that the students are making the most of the society.

General Info


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Our Mission & Vision

Medic Mentor reinvests proceeds back into our students by providing the UK’s largest medical scholarship programme and a variety of free mentoring initiatives. We support talented students from application to graduation! Get in touch with us to find out more.


Postal enquiries: Medic Mentor, Room 3.3.2, Storey House, White Cross Business Park, Lancaster, LA1 4XQ

Phone & Email

Mentor Helpline: 07454704204
General Enquiries Form


Available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Allied Healthcare Mentor Virtual Work Experience

We also have Virtual Work Experience sessions for those of you that are interested in the Allied Healthcare Professions. To access information about these sessions, please visit: