The School Ambassador Leadership


School Ambassadors should be:

• an aspiring doctor, dentist or vet

• good at communicating with others and able to work as a team
• responsible and reliable
• interested in leadership opportunities
• willing to act as an ambassador for their school and Medic Mentor


All successful applicants will receive a certificate of leadership and a reference from the Vice President of Mentoring, Dr Sharonjeet Uppal. Leaders will have their profiles featured on the Medic Mentor website and be invited to publish articles on their Ambassador experiences in the Mentor Magazine. As a School Ambassador there will be numerous opportunities to boost your CV in terms of leadership, volunteering, teaching and publishing.

Successful students will also receive a certificate in recognition of their role as a School Ambassador and presented at the Medic Mentor Awards in December 2019. They will have a position on the School Ambassador Council where they will play an important role in improving educational initiatives and making suggestions on how to best support students within our prestigious and lively academic network.

There is NO DEADLINE for this application, however once 3 Ambassadors have been appointed at your school, we cannot consider any further applications.  If you would like to know if Ambassador positions at your school have already been filled – speak to your head of sixth form/head of UCAS/Careers Advisor at your school.

School Ambassador Leadership Application

  • We must have permission from your school to process your application. Therefore, please ask a relevant member of staff for permission first before applying. Ideally, this should be someone who is looking after students who are applying for healthcare courses.
  • This might include attendance at events/volunteering/ publishing/applying for competitions etc.
  • Please describe which healthcare career you are most interested in and why you have decided to pursue it. You can include any previous work experience or attendance at events (or otherwise) that have helped you to develop an insight into the profession (2000 characters max.)
  • Provide your opinion on the common challenges faced by students at you school when it comes to making an informed career decision and applying to university. You might want to consider what could be done to address these issues (4000 characters max).
  • Please demonstrate your suitability for the role (4000 characters max). Please include attendance at conferences, lectures, any work experience you have completed or participation with other organisations such as universities, summer schools, or international work placements that demonstrates your commitment to applying to a healthcare course at university. You can include activities already completed or that you will be undertaking imminently.

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