Medical Student Scholarship Applications for 2017 are now open!

What do Medic Mentor Scholars do?

A Medic Mentor Scholar’s main role is to be an acting member of the Education Directorate and to take advantage of valuable learning experiences and mentorship.  This committee is responsible for monitoring and developing the educational projects and services that Medic Mentor provide.  We are looking to recruit students who are enthusiastic about teaching and inspiring younger students, and who have a genuine interest in peer-assisted learning.  Each scholar will be responsible for a specific project, and will be mentored by a Senior Mentor or Fellow. The committee is lead by the Director of Education, Dr Iain Kennedy.

What Scholarships are available in 2017?

  1. Leadership Scholar
  2. Widening Access Scholar
  3. Research Scholar
  4. Education Scholar
  5. Publishing Scholar
  6. Widening Participation Scholar
  7. Work Experience Scholar

How do I Apply?

You can apply for a scholarship by logging into your online Medic Mentor account on the website.  You can download the scholarship application form and the scholarship personal and project specification document from your downloads tab.  You must read both documents carefully, and then submit your scholarship application by attaching it to the contact form on your achievements tab.

Score 100 points for applying and 250 points for winning a medical student scholarship!