My name is Riyan Shah and I attend Watford Grammar School for Boys
in Hertfordshire. I am currently in Year 10 and became a Medical
Leadership School Ambassador with Medic Mentor in 2019. I have been
part of this fantastic programme for a year now and I can honestly say
that it has been such a huge privilege. At 15 years old, I have been
introduced to a whole host of medical-based topics which I never would
have been exposed to otherwise at this age. I have also met so many
inspirational people – from like-minded aspiring medical students to
accomplished doctors, vets and dentists. In actual fact, I have found
this entire process, right from completing the application form and
eagerly awaiting a response, so useful and fulfilling that I have
attended all three teaching days across the year. I can’t thank Medic
Mentor enough for the knowledge that this Leadership Programme has
instilled in me and the vital transferable skills I have acquired.
The collaboration involved in each and every teaching day (especially
the Virtual COVID-19 Innovation Project) has provided a massive scope
for my teamwork skills to improve. Throughout the programme, my
confidence has grown so much that I have been able to use my
presentation knowledge that I gained, to set up and now regularly run
my Junior School Medical Society. It has also given me the self belief to
present at a National Healthcare Weekend about my “Journey in
Medicine… So far”. The phenomenal insight I have gained into the
medical profession via these 3 meetings has empowered me to make an
informed decision about wanting to pursue a career in healthcare. I
have engaged with so many new people and this has allowed my social
skills to increase exponentially. I feel that constantly interacting with my
peers in the same situation has enabled me to develop my sense of
empathy – not to mention the encouragement, motivation and
reassurance they offered. My networking abilities have also been
enhanced by this informative experience that I have had the honour of
being part of.
Over the course of all of the three outstanding training seminars, I
strongly believe that I have explored such a wide variety of areas of
medicines ranging from life in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to the NHS
in its entirety and the Winter Struggles it faces every year. Now, I feel
confident to tackle a hospital case or scenario and dissect the

prognosis and outcome, based on the 4 Pillars of Medical Ethics
(Justice, Autonomy, Beneficence, and Non-Maleficence). Essentially, this
is all down to the dedicated doctors, vets and dentists with Medic
Mentor. They were all so passionate in their delivery which really reflects
Medic Mentor as an organization and the amazing cause they stand
for. I am really excited to continue this incredible learning journey on
the Medical Leadership Programme for many years to come to help me
build up a wide array of skills. The endlessly unique opportunities that I
have encountered through being a Medic Mentor Leadership
Ambassador have extended from nurturing my own Medical Personal
Development through attending National Healthcare Weekends to
supporting the Frontline Doctors by raising money for the Royal
Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF).
This Medical-Tailored Leadership Programme really has shaped and
moulded the individual I am today. The skills that I have acquired will
definitely help me when applying to Medical School and beyond. In fact,
all of the skills that I mentioned previously are indispensable in the
functioning and maintenance of Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) in the
NHS. These qualities are the backbone of the ability to cope in the
midst of extremely difficult times such as the COVID-19 Pandemic we are
all being affected by right here, right now.