National Magazine

The Mentor Magazine is read by 6000 students, parents and teachers and is the only magazine of its kind in existence.  The Editor is looking for opinionated pieces in a variety of areas.  There is a maximum of 1000 words per article.  Each issue is themed and therefore, may want to focus on a particular subject.

Updating Book Existing Titles

Medic Mentors are very welcome to help update Medic Mentor book titles.  These are voluntary positions, which could give you valuable writing experience as well as earn you a book publication.  This could be achieved within a very short space of time compared to large publishing houses, which usually take at least 1 year!

New Books

Fancy a summer project that appeals to your academic side?  If you have an idea for a book or feel as though you are prepared to write a book from scratch – we will support you!  Not only will we make every effort to see your vision become a reality, but we will fund your work too!


If you have an original idea for a book, you can contact us using the form on the Get Involved tab in your online Medic Mentor account.  If you are interested in updating current book titles you can join the relevant group via the Groups Directory tab.  A maximum of 5 medical students will be allocated to the update of each title.  A medical student can only work on one book title at any given time.  If you would like to publish an article in the Medic Mentor Magazine, you conjoin the Medic Mentor Magazine Contributors Group in the Group Directory to get started.  You can also upload your articles using the Achievements tab.