Medic Mentor

Medic Mentor Magazine

The only national printed magazine dedicated to applying healthcare students.

What is the Medic Mentor Magazine?

Medic Mentor magazine is a national publication aimed at informing and enlightening prospective medical students and their university counterparts. Released quarterly, each edition of the Medic Mentor magazine is composed of articles and artwork designed to achieve this. It is an electronic Magazine that is released quarterly and sent to over 6000 subscribers including applying students and schools.

What are the aims of the Magazine?

To prepare students for their healthcare degrees and contribute to their ongoing studies.
To challenge readers’ opinions and enable them to question the information pertaining to healthcare that they may face in the wider media.
To develop worthwhile pursuits in the healthcare professionals of the future; we are all going to have to work together for a very long time, so let’s try and be interesting!


What does each issue contain?

Interesting and accessible medical sciences
-Current affairs
-Interviews relevant to medical careers
-Opinion pieces
-What’s going on in Medic Mentor and how to get involved
-Tips and advice on getting into medical school
-As well as medically-themed puzzles and artwork.


Research and Publishing Opportunities

Not content with just reading the magazine?

Anyone can write for us, and everyone should, regardless of whether you have ever written an article before. Our editorial team can help you with every step from choosing an article theme to polishing the finished piece. If you want to write for us, to contribute artwork, or to get involved in some other way, get in touch at:

We are always quick to respond and friendly. Looking forward to hearing from you,

The Editorial Team

The deadline for the next issue is the 3rd August 2020

Send all entries to:

Medic Mentor Essay and Art Competitions

Our national Essay and Art competition run four times a year with hundreds of students taking part to win.

Would you like to write an essay with a chance to have it published in our national quarterly magazine?

This quarters Essay question is:

‘Could such an intense focus on tackling coronavirus do more harm to the healthcare system than the virus itself?’

The maximum word count is 2500 words.

If Art is more your forte, practice your dexterity and submit a piece of art with a chance to have it printed on the front cover of the magazine. The minimum size for your entry is A4. 

The next issues title is:


How can I subscribe to the Mentor Magazine?

Becoming a Medic Mentor Member gives you exclusive access to the Mentor Magazine. This is the only magazine available for aspiring healthcare students in the UK. It is a great way for students to stay in the loop about competitions, open days, current affairs and significant discoveries (written and pitched at your level), opinion pieces, interviews, application advice and much more. It is also a great opportunity for students to research and publish their own articles. The Mentor Magazine is a quarterly publication and can be cancelled at any time. Your membership also includes access to a free monthly school societies bulletin, which contains interactive exercises such as a PBL case, current affairs debate, mock interview scenarios and critical analysis of a journal article. It is accompanied by a monthly webinar to go through the cases and clear any doubts that you might have, as well as provide answers to the activities.