Congratulations, you’ve finished your exams and you’re finally off to medical school! We know that there is so much to do and so many things that are easy to forget and that’s why we’ve created this bumper episode all about Preparing for Medical School.


Part 1 – Finances

Do you know the difference between a bursary and a scholarship? Do you know what funding you are entitled to from the NHS as a medical student? Find out about the financial support available to medical students and how to budget for university. Finance while studying at university can be a bewildering and complicated business, especially if you are a medical student. This episode has been put together to provide you with the information you need to navigate the world of medical student finance, and to point you in the direction of the help and support that is available.



Part 2 – Summer Plans and Vaccinations 

We know you’re very excited to enjoy the summer before medical school but is there anything you should be doing to prepare? In this episode, we discuss all of the essential activities to keep you busy and productive during the summer to prepare for medical school, as well as the common pre-reading traps that students fall into. This episode will also cover the vaccinations you may need to get before you go to medical school. 


Part 3 – Accommodation and Essentials 

You’re probably very excited to pack up and get off to Medical School – but where are you going to live and what do you need to bring? There are plenty of obvious things which you don’t need us to remind you about, but make sure to check out ‘Lucy and Ciara’s Ultimate Packing List’ blog attached at the bottom of this episode. 


As always, comment down below your thoughts and any questions on these episodes. 

  • Do you have any tips and tricks for tackling the world of student finance?
  • What are you planning to do in the summer before medical school and have your plans been affected by COVID-19?  
  • Have we missed anything off of our list of packing essentials?

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