National Essay Competition

Medic Mentor runs a quarterly national medical essay competition, where the winner will have their article featured in the Mentor Magazine and receive a £25 Amazon Book Voucher.  They will also be invited to receive the prize, alongside Medic Mentor scholarship holders, school ambassadors, and presentation prize winners, at the Medic Mentor Award’s Evening on the 1st of December.


We believe in providing a platform for exceptional students to develop important transferrable skills such as leadership, presentation, organisation, teamwork and innovation.  We assist students in their personal professional development via the free School Ambassador Leadership Programme.  We only have 3 funded places available per school – so apply now!

Secret Success Formula:

Application Knowledge (courses) + Mentoring + CV Building = Successful Applicant

Medic Mentor is the only place where you can find everything that you need to secure a place at Medical, Dental and Veterinary School.  We provide the opportunities, but you need to make the most out of them!

A Word

From the President

” The students who ultimately do well are the ones who get involved in absolutely everything.  They have a highly proactive attitude that enables them to make the most of every opportunity.  As Mentors we can provide the resources and the CV building opportunities, but great Mentees will make the most of everything that is on offer – and actually chase us for things!  So never be afraid to pick up the phone and ask us a question.  We are here to help, and after all – it is your future on the line and we want you to succeed and come back as Mentors! “

– Dr Siva
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Medic Mentor will be there for you throughout your medical career

Even our Mentors make the most of CV building opportunities.  Get a head start by applying for exclusive opportunities now, that will give you a competitive edge and enhance your confidence ahead of those all important university interviews!

Research and Publication Opportunities
Research is a very important aspect of medical, dental and veterinary careers.  Whilst selectors will not expect you to have published a multi-centred randomised control trial in a peer-reviewed journal – you have the opportunity to demonstrate that you know how important this is by publishing an article in the Mentor Magazine.

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Set up a Medics Society in School
If you would like help to set up a Medics Society in school, get in touch by phone or email and our Mentors can visit the school and help you.  You can make use of the Study Guides to structure meetings and invite Mentors back to give you free talks.
Medic Mentor Newsletters
If you are doing something that you think might benefit the wider-medic mentor community, get in touch with the President, Dr Siva, and you could be featured in next month’s newsletter.  Email: