Nominate Your School

Host a Medic Mentor event

If you think that you would like to host an event at your school, such as National Healthcare Weekend, mock interviews or a Mid-Point Review, we can arrange free attendance for all of the interested students at your school.  Our mentors take care of co-ordinating and running the entire event; all you would need to provide are rooms for teaching and presentation equipment (i.e. projectors and computers).  If this is something that you are keen to do, please email with your expression of interest, and let us know which event you would like to host.

If you are a school with no budget to work with, but you would like some tailored application lessons (e.g. personal statement/UKCAT/interview) to be run at your school exclusively for your students, we may be in a position to help, if you are willing to provide venue facilities for Medic Mentor to run educational events.  This might be the use of the assembly hall or classrooms for teaching.

Host a Seminar

If you would like to be a host for a live Seminar event, then please contact the Director of Education on  Hosting a seminar is a great way to get your students more engaged with the seminar series; taking advantage of interview preparation, current affairs and ethical debates.  It is also a great way to raise the profile of the school in the eyes of the wider Medic Mentor community and network contacts.

Presidential School Visit

The President of Medic Mentor often receives requests to visit schools, to do some group teaching for students.  This might be to help them to set up a school society or simply to introduce them to the Medic Mentor Network.  The visit will be reviewed in the monthly Medic Mentor newsletter that is sent to over 6000 subscribers, the national Medic Mentor Magazine, and across social media platforms.  These visits motivate your students to get proactively involved and encourage them to take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities available to them throughout the year.  To request a visit, simply email  Please bear in mind that we do prioritise School Ambassador and Summer School Student requests, as well as requests from teachers whose schools we already Mentor.