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National Essay Competition

Essay Competition Details


Your essay must aim to answer the question Discuss, using at least two examples, the legal precedents that govern bodily autonomy in modern UK medical practice. ‘  Your maximum word count is 2500 words, including the title and subheadings.

You must include references if you have made use of them, although this will not be included in the word count. Essays will be marked down if the word count is exceeded. Please structure your essay and make use of paragraphs where appropriate. We are looking for essays that have a unique message and insight into the title.

The use of personal experiences and your own thoughts are encouraged. Please use Calibri font and size 12 for the main body of the text. Headings can use a larger sized font at your discretion.

Students from any year or background are eligible to apply, provided that you have an interest in pursuing a medical, dental or veterinary career. The deadline is 5 pm on the 15th August. Submissions after this deadline will not be accepted. Please email your submissions to



The winner of the National Essay Competition will have their essay featured in the next issue of the Mentor Magazine. You will receive a certificate in the post and a £25 Amazon Voucher. You will also be invited to receive your award, alongside Medic Mentor scholarship holders, school ambassadors, and presentation prize winners, at the Medic Mentor Award’s Evening.

What is the Medic Mentor Magazine?

Medic Mentor magazine is a national publication aimed at informing and enlightening prospective medical students and their university counterparts. Released quarterly, each edition of the Medic Mentor magazine is composed of articles and artwork designed to achieve this. It is an electronic Magazine that is released quarterly and sent to over 6000 subscribers including applying students and schools.


What are the aims of the Magazine?

To prepare students for their healthcare degrees and contribute to their ongoing studies.
To challenge readers’ opinions and enable them to question the information pertaining to healthcare that they may face in the wider media.
To develop worthwhile pursuits in the healthcare professionals of the future; we are all going to have to work together for a very long time, so let’s try and be interesting!

What does each issue contain?

Interesting and accessible medical sciences
Current affairs
Interviews relevant to medical careers
Opinion pieces
What’s going on in Medic Mentor and how to get involved
Tips and advice on getting into medical school
As well as medically-themed puzzles and artwork.


How can I subscribe to the Mentor Magazine?



What is the Medical Leadership Programme?

The School Ambassador Programme is open to secondary school students in all years. It is the only national medical leadership programme for aspiring doctors, dentists and vets.  The programme provides students with 3 additional teaching days (1 Sunday per term) to help students develop important transferable skills and knowledge that will best prepare them for their future careers.  It also gives students extra opportunities to work with a variety of doctors, vets and dentists throughout the year.  This ensures that we can provide you with ongoing face-to-face mentoring to help you start thinking and acting like medical students in time for your interviews in Year 13 and S6.


Applying for Funded Places

There are 2 ways to enter the Medical Leadership Programme.  You can apply for a funded place as a School Ambassador, or enrol onto the Medic Mentor Residential Summer School for the maximum level of support.

Medic Mentor provide 6 funded places per school (3 for year 10-12/S3-S5 and 3 for year 13/S6).  These School Ambassador positions are awarded based on a competitive application from individual students. There is no deadline for the application, but as soon as we receive a sufficient number of high quality applications to fulfil the places at your school, applications for students at your school will close.  The online application form can be found at the link below. 






When and where are the meetings?

Scotland 16th June  

London 7th July

Birmingham 21st July

Scotland 15th September

London 22nd September

Birmingham 17th November


There are 3 locations to choose from: London, Scotland and Birmingham.  You must attend 2 out of 3 meetings or you will be withdrawn from the programme.  January 2020 dates will become available in the Summer.   



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