National Essay Competition

Your essay must aim to answer the question Discuss, using at least two examples, the legal precedents that govern bodily autonomy in modern UK medical practice.’ Your maximum word count is 2500 words, including the title and subheadings.

Did you know that attending applying for the National Essay Competition can be used for your Bronze, Silver and Gold Award?

The National Essay Competition is a Medic Mentor Approved Activity


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Competition Details

You must include references if you have made use of them, although this will not be included in the word count. Essays will be marked down if the word count is exceeded. Please structure your essay and make use of paragraphs where appropriate. We are looking for essays that have a unique message and insight into the title.

The use of personal experiences and your own thoughts are encouraged. Please use Calibri font and size 12 for the main body of the text. Headings can use a larger sized font at your discretion.

Students from any year or background are eligible to apply, provided that you have an interest in pursuing a medical, dental or veterinary career. The deadline is 5 pm on the 15th August. Submissions after this deadline will not be accepted. Please email your submissions to


The winner of the National Essay Competition will have their essay featured in the next issue of the Mentor Magazine. You will receive a certificate in the post and a £25 Amazon Voucher. You will also be invited to receive your award, alongside Medic Mentor scholarship holders, school ambassadors, and presentation prize winners, at the Medic Mentor Award’s Evening.

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