After attending a Medic Mentor event in year 10, I set up a school society for students in my school through medic mentor. It was such an amazing opportunity to be a leader and build my confidence in a group of like-minded peers. Since then, I have enjoyed and benefited from so many opportunities with Medic Mentor and can honestly say that from my first event all the way through to summer school, the support I’ve received from Medic Mentor has been second to none. I was in the school ambassador programme for two years which allowed me to talk to individuals with so many interesting ideas and bring new thoughts back to my school, alongside developing different skills throughout the programme. One of the things we discussed was writing letters when applying for work experience instead of emails and this was such a helpful tip that saved me so much time and got me into work experience placements, I don’t think I otherwise would have.

Presenting and being confident was something that I really struggled with, meaning my medical school interviews seemed daunting from the get-go. Within the school ambassador programme we worked on presenting a short piece on why we wanted to go into medicine and I remember the amazing support and guidance I received. After that, I was encouraged to speak at a national healthcare weekend event which built my confidence further. I then sat mock interviews at the Medic Mentor summer school and again at a school ambassador meeting, allowing me to reflect on my interview skills and gain tips from medical students and doctors. By the time I sat my interviews at Cambridge, Bristol and Plymouth, I had no issue with presenting or being confident and even found myself enjoying my interviews as an opportunity to talk about everything I’d done. It was definitely gradually taking myself out of my comfort zone when presenting alongside the feedback and support that helped me to have fun when public speaking and talking about medicine in my interviews. 

Publishing an article in the Mentor magazine allowed me to reflect on my work experiences and prepared me for having to talk and write about them in my interview and personal statement. The experience itself was something I really enjoyed, receiving feedback each step of the way and finally producing a piece that I was really proud of. When I attended the summer school and wrote my personal statement, the teaching from the medical students and doctors allowed me to produce work that I was really happy with. I found it easier to talk spontaneously at interview because I’d gone through so much reflection in writing my personal statement and the article with medic mentors help and guidance. 

Within summer school we received UCAT and BMAT courses and the medical students answered any questions and gave us tips. The ability to talk to mentors that had already sat the UCAT and BMAT was so beneficial and helped me to understand how to study for the exams.  The whole process of applying to medicine was made so much easier and more enjoyable by Medic Mentor because of the support I was given. The opportunities they provided have led to so much personal development and allowed me to build not only my application, but also my confidence and interview skills. I received offers from Bristol and Plymouth Universities and I plan on studying medicine at Bristol University in September. Medic Mentor’s support has been paramount to my success and I am so incredibly grateful for all their help over the past 4 years.