Regional Mentors

What is a regional mentor?

Regional mentors are active members of the Medic Mentor network interested in working with prospective medical students from our secondary school Medic Mentor Societies. Societies are run by School Society Leaders within the school setting and mentored through our online community by our Regional Mentors. School Society Leaders and Regional Mentors are invited to attend three national meetings which provide networking opportunities, problem solving and new ideas. National meetings also act as an induction for new Regional Mentors and School Society Leaders.

National school society meetings will be held at three venues (England, Wales, Scotland) on:

Saturday September 30th 2017
Saturday January 27th 2018
Saturday March 24th 2018

Click on the images below to view the National School Soc Meeting Gallery

School Soc Meeting England

School Soc Meeting Wales

School Soc Meeting Scotland


All current medical, veterinary, dentistry students and practising doctors, dentists and vets registered with Medic Mentor.

Regional Mentor Benefits

● The opportunity to develop skills in teaching, leadership and communication.
● The opportunity to create online webinars as a means of supporting students nationally.
● Rewarding mentoring of prospective students.
● Portfolio certificates.
● Personal and professional development support.

How do I apply?

We are looking for 3-4 mentors per specialty per region. The Regional Mentor Application form can be completed below. The deadline for submissions is 5pm Monday 25th September 2017.

Deadline 5pm Monday 25th September 2017

Regional Mentor Application

Complete this form in order to be considered for a Regional Mentor position. Note that all applicants must have registered as a Medic Mentor too by creating a free online account, otherwise they will not be eligible for the position. This form can be submitted several times, however, only the first submission will be considered, so please read through your application carefully before submitting the form.

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