Medical Students

What is unique about Medic Mentor’s ethos?

  • Medic Mentor is a national social enterprise comprised of medical students and doctors.
  • Our main goal is to support and invest in UK medical students by providing expert guidance on careers, PPD and pastoral support.
  • We strive to develop our mentors, both personally & professionally, through opportunities such as prizes, scholarships, electives and free modules, training weekends and conferences.
  • We are committed to widening access to medical school and we do this by providing free places on all Medic Mentor events to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Subsequently, we have taught nearly 600 widening access students this year alone!
  • We have donated £20,000 towards health charities, UK medical student scholarships, free resources to widening access students and teachers this year.

10 great reasons to become a Medic Mentor! 

  1. Gain medical publications to add to your portfolio.
  2. Opportunity to save £100s off your medical school elective.
  3. Win monetary prizes and scholarships to add to your CV.
  4. Receive free access to the ‘Mastering Medical School’ online course.
  5. Free Mastering Medical School Conference.
  6. Part-time paid positions available for teaching and creating educational resources.
  7. An independent team of Senior Mentors (doctors), who will provide you with guidance and support throughout medical school.
  8. Free training weekends and the chance to meet other medical students outside of your own institution.
  9. Opportunities to teach, present and make a difference to younger students.
  10. Build your confidence, insight and become a happier, healthier medical student and ultimately – an excellent doctor!

How do I Become a Medic Mentor?

  1. Simply create a free online account
  2. Subscribe to the Mastering Medical School online course in your My Courses tab.
  3. Create and join groups in the Groups Directory and you can invite other Medic Mentors to join your group using the Mentor Directory tab.  You can also send email invites to your colleagues, who may not have registered yet.  These groups are a great way to co-ordinate society meetings and academic projects!
  4. Find out how to score points and apply for prizes and scholarships on the Achievements tab.
  5. Volunteer or present at conferences using the Get Involved tab.
  6. Apply for Scholarships via the Achievements tab.

Every month you will get a Newsletter which you can download from the ‘Downloads’ tab, and you can even share files, instant message, video chat and invite other Medic Mentors through your accounts.

Score Points

You might also be planning for an elective, and we have created affordable elective experiences by working with Jaffna Medical School and Jaffna Teaching Hospitals in Sri Lanka.  What’s more is that you can collect 100s of points by participating in various Medic Mentor activities, which you can use to save money on your elective.  This is our way of rewarding you for your own personal development!  For every 1000 points you collect, you can save £100 off your Medic Mentor elective!  There is no limit to how many points you can score, and the value of your elective bursary – so start as early as you can to get the most out of these incredible experiences and savings!