Medical Student Prizes

Medic Mentor recognises and acknowledges talent at every opportunity. That is why we have the Medical Student Essay Competition and a series of Scholarship Prizes. Every year, we will award medical students and scholars who have excelled either in their work with Medic Mentor or beyond. We will recognise the skills and attributes that we are seeking to develop in all of our scholarship students: teaching, leadership, mentorship, communication and publications. Our prize winners are role models for our network of aspiring students and ambassadors for our scholarship students.  There is no limit to the number of awards or the number of times an award can be given to a scholar. We will award the most exceptional scholar on an annual basis.

Scholarship Positions Available

medical schools ELEGIBLE

Pounds Per Scholar each year

Pounds per scholar across 6 years of medical school

We TEACH Students HOW TO Become Good Doctors 

by giving them access to prize opportunities to recognise excellent work.

Medic Mentor essay competition: for medical, dental and veterinary students

For 2020, we are launching the Medic Mentor essay competition for medical, dental and veterinary students. This is a national essay competition, open to all UK medical, dental and veterinary schools, and which will run bi-annually. The deadline for the current prize is is 31st December and the word count is 1,500 words (excluding references). Please submit your essays as a pdf document, along with your name, year and medical school to

Winners will be awarded a certificate and £250!

2020 Essay title:

“Explore the UK’s response to covid 19, from an ethical perspective, public health perspective and healthcare perspective? If you were the UK Chief Medical Officer, what would you have done similarly or differently and why? What can we learn to help us manage future pandemics?”

Scholarship Prizes

Winning scholars will receive a shield/trophy with their name engraved, and they can keep this shield for one year, after which they will have to return it to pass onto the next prize winner. Winners will be selected by the Education Directorate for Medic Mentor-this is the executive committee of doctors, dentists and vets under the leadership of Medic Mentor President, who manage the scholarship programme. The following titles will be awarded on an annual basis.

  1. Achievement of excellence award: Teaching
  2. Achievement of excellence award: Leadership
  3. Achievement of excellence award: Mentorship
  4. Achievement of excellence award: Entrepreneurship
  5. Achievement of excellence award: Publishing (for the best blog writer)
  6. Scholar of the year
  7. Scholarship representative
  8. Scholar’s Essay Prize Winner and runners-up

Innovation Fund

One of Medic Mentor’s most prestigious Prizes, is the Mentor-prise fund! This awards up to £10,000 to a student/(s) with a fantastic business start-up idea. You can find out more about this prize here: Innovation Fund