National Medical Leadership Programme

Did you know that the Medical Leadership Programme can be used for your Silver and Gold Award?

The Medical Leadership Programme is a Medic Mentor Approved Activity

Dates and Locations

School Ambassadors must attend a minimum of 2 out of 3 teaching days a year. There are 3 streams: Junior Stream (Year 11/S4), Senior Stream (Year 12/S5) and the Pre-Med Stream (Year 13/S6). Below are the dates for the whole year:

Day 1 Leadership Dates:

23rd October 2021 Junior and Senior Streams (Virtual)

Mock Interview Days (Senior Stream Only) will be taking place from November 2021 – February 2022.

Day 2 Leadership Dates

March 6th 2022 Junior and Senior Streams (Virtual)

Pre-Med Students can choose to attend 1 of the following in-person mock interview days:

January 9th 2022 Scotland

January 16th 2022 London

January 23rd 2022 Birmingham

Day 3 Leadership Date:

19th June 2022 (All Streams Virtual)

Pre-Med Stream will be preparing for scholarship interviews that take place at the end of August.


What is the Medical Leadership Programme?

The Medical Leadership Programme (also known as the School Ambassador Programme) is open to secondary school students in year 11/S4 to 13/S6. It is the only national medical leadership programme for aspiring doctors, dentists and vets.  The programme provides students with 3 additional teaching days (1 Saturday/Sunday per term) to help students develop confidence, important transferable skills and knowledge that will best prepare them for their future careers.  It also gives students extra opportunities to work with a variety of doctors, vets and dentists throughout the year.  This ensures that we can provide you with ongoing mentoring, to build the confidence and professionalism that you need, in time for your interviews in Year 13 and S6.  

The earlier that students participate, the more time that they have to develop their skills and confidence.  For this reason we welcome students in younger years (year 10-11 or S3-S4) to apply.

All successful students will receive certificates and references from the Presidents at Medic Mentor.


Applying for a Funded Place

 You can competitively apply for a funded place as a School Ambassador using the applications form below. The costs for running the programme are funded by Medic Mentor.

Medic Mentor provide 3 funded positions per school. This includes 1 student in each of the following year groups: 11/S4, 12/S5, 13/S6.  You must submit an online application.