Medical Electives

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A medical elective can be a life-changing experience, by giving you an opportunity to spend an extended period of time in a completely different healthcare environment to develop knowledge, skills and experience in ways that cannot be achieved in the UK.  Medic Mentor have partnered with Jaffna Medical School, the MIOT Mobile Health Unit and Jaffna Teaching Hospitals to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Medical electives are only available for over 18s, for example gap year or medical students.

Sri Lanka Medical Elective

Your medical elective is a chance to visit somewhere new and inspiring.  Sri Lanka’s white sandy beaches, sweeping valleys, breath-taking tea plantations and diverse fruits and food is a truly magical experience.   As well as working hard on clinical placements, Sri Lanka also provides a very much needed break from the intense studies which occupy day-to-day life in the UK!

What opportunities will you have?

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Students have the option of working in three different areas: medicine, surgery or community.  You can even undertake all 3 placements during your time there.

Medical and Surgical

Medical and Surgical placements will take place at Jaffna Teaching Hospitals and you will be allocated a clinical supervisor.  These supervisors will complete your elective forms and end of placements forms.

Community and Public Health

Community placements will take place with the Mobile Health Unit which is a charity-run programme.  It involves a medical team visiting rural villages and delivering community healthcare services such as health promotion, prevention and triaging.  There is also an opportunity to work with the Public Health Department at Jaffna Medical School and conduct placements in alternative medicine (or Siddha) hospitals, which are co-ordinated by the Health Minister’s department.

Research and Teaching

There are multiple research and teaching opportunities available for each area.  This might include a simple audit or community projects.  All projects will be allocated upon request following registration to the elective programme.  It is not possible to provide a list of projects beforehand, due to the dynamic nature of research taking place at the University and Teaching Hospital.

Elective students will be invited to teach evening workshops on English to current Jaffna Medical Students.  The Jaffna medical students study their medical degrees in English, but would love the opportunity to practice and improve their communication skills.

Who will you meet during your elective?


You will meet medical students and a range of healthcare staff working at the hospitals.  You will also meet local people who live in the capital of Jaffna, as well as those who live in the rural communities via the mobile health clinic.  The doctors and medical students as well as most healthcare workers speak english.  There are also a lot of english speaking local people, because Sri Lanka is an ex-colonial country and many schools teach in english.  You might also meet other medical students or gap years students from the UK too!

Don’t forget, that you will also meet lots and lots of patients!

How much does it cost?

We know that funding electives can be a real worry to students, which is why we have worked extremely hard to make this elective programme different.  The Medic Mentor elective stands out from others because of the rich medical and cultural experiences on offer at the most affordable price: just £1600 for 6 weeks.  You can extend your elective each week for just £100!  There are guided excursions available, which you can register for in advance or you can decide to add on whilst you are there.  Alternatively, you can make your own travel arrangements and spend some time visiting fantastic places.

What does it include?

Your registration covers the cost of all of your clinical placements, transport to and from the accommodation and the accommodation itself.  The accommodation is a single room with air conditioning.  There will be a Medic Mentor present during your stay who is from the UK and can support you socially and pastorally too.  Wifi is available at the accommodation and it is located in the centre of Jaffna town, very close to amenities and cafes.  We will assist you with all of your paperwork including completing forms for your school’s requirements.

What does it not include?

Your flights which can be as little as £360 return up to £600 depending on when you are flying.  On average tickets can cost around £480.

Your visa, which you can apply for online and usually has a 3 day turn around time.  It costs roughly £40 for 30 days and up to £110 for up to 3 months.

Your vaccinations and travel insurance.  If you are a medical student we can provide you with a list of providers who can provide indemnity insurance.  It is you responsibility to organise these aspects of your travel, although we can provide you with guidance and advice.

Food is not included, but in Sri Lanka the conversion is nearly 200 rupees to a £1 and you can have an evening meal for roughly 20-50p!  Most students will find that you spend a maximum of £200 across 6 weeks.

Medic Mentor Elective Bursary

Don’t forget that you can score points towards an elective bursary by creating an account and getting involved with Medic Mentor.  For every 1000 points that you score, you can get £100 off your medical elective – and there is no limit to the number of points you can convert into a travel bursary!  Plus, getting involved in Medic Mentor activities is fun too so start as early as you can!