Medic Mentor Summer Schools

5 Days of Ultimate UCAS Preparation

Over 80% of last year's class received at least 1 medical school offer!

Why are Summer Schools important?

Summer Schools are fantastic for comprehensive UCAS application preparation and preparing students for university life! They are more successful than attending individual courses, because it ensures that you get comprehensive support resulting in university offers. For example, attending one UKCAT course might improve your score, but you may not get an offer because of the rest of your application. Last year over 80% of our medical summer school students had at least 1 offer. On average, 10-15% of UCAS applications to individual medical schools, result in acceptance (data taken from UCAS records). Other UCAS figures suggest that the chances of securing a place in at least one medical school could be as high at one third. Current figures from the Medical Schools' Council represent a range of applicant to place ratios, from 6:1 in Cambridge (a 16.7% success rate) to 14.3:1 at BSMS (a 7% success rate)

Summer School Options

The Sutton Trust offer free Summer Schools for students from widening access backgrounds. They receive, on average, 10,000 applications per year and require applicants to meet a list of specific widening access eligibility criteria. You can find out more about applying to these if you meet the eligibility criteria: click here

For the majority of applicants who do not meet the widening access criteria, there are few options and they tend to be very expensive, such as the Oxbridge Royale Summer Schools which charge over £4000. Although the Medic Mentor Summer School is a serious commitment in terms of time and money, it is also the most affordable residential option and has a high success rate.

The Medic Mentor Summer School

Medic Mentor’s 5-day Residential Summer School Programme at Nottingham University is a unique opportunity for students to spend an entire week with dedicated healthcare professionals and university students, mentoring them through their UCAS applications. It takes a huge amount of pressure off and makes the application a more enjoyable experience for both the students and the parents! The final hurdle (and a common pitfall) for students is to ensure that all of their hard work (having done work experience, extra-curricular activities and academic achievements) is effectively communicated in their UCAS applications!

Medic Mentor's summer school is completely unique, because:

1. it focuses entirely on the UCAS application itself

2. students receive 1-2-1 personal statement tutoring and leave with a final draft of their personal statements

3. students get unlimited PS reviews with their mentor after SS

4. entrance exam teaching (where applicable)

5. interview theory and mock interviews (and priority booking for mock interview events in Year 13)

6. 1-2-1 UCAS consultation to ensure that students select courses which are most likely to give them offers

7. follow-up mentoring throughout year 13.

8. a personal reference from one of our Mentors for your reference tutor.

9. Free access to Mid-point Review Events!

Who can attend?

The Medic Mentor Summer School is incredibly popular and fills up fast! So please register early to avoid disappointment. The Summer School is for year 12/S5 students who are applying in October 2018. It is also extremely useful for gap year or re-applying year 13 students, who need to work on their applications. Year 11 or S4 students should look to register for Summer School 2019 now, to ensure your place is secure and you can also spread the cost over a longer period of time.

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