The Objective Is Clear


Medic Mentor are passionate about you reaching, not just your goals, but also your potential and by joining our Awards Programme  we will help you attain at least one offer from Medical School.












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Pounds Per Scholar each year

Pounds per scholar across 6 years of medical school

“My journey into becoming the student I am today could not have happened without the aid and guidance of my Medic Mentor family” 

Adam Borland, 3rd Year Medical Student at the University of St Andrews

Why do we do this?

We know that there are inherent morale issues within the NHS and we want to change that with a ground-up approach. We invest time instilling confidence, leadership qualities and resilience into our applying students and we know this will only grow throughout medical school and equip them for working life in the NHS (or equivalent) and beyond. Our Medic Mentor Team are passionate about creating the next generation of game changers. Our students who tomorrow, will be influential leaders, changing policy and directing national and international associations.

Why Medic Mentor?

In essence, we have the best interests of our students and doctors at the heart of everything that we do. Medic Mentor is a social enterprise, who reinvests proceeds made from our events back into scholarships, awards, mentors and our students. Over the years, we have supported students to achieve immeasurable success; from international collaborations and research projects to writing books that have sold thousands of copies. But our greatest achievement is seeing students flourish, to achieve and surpass their potential; to turn their weaknesses into strengths; to make them better doctors; to make them happier in their professional working lives. Overall, everything we do at Medic Mentor is to help improve students’ and doctors’ wellbeing through support, mentoring, opportunities, encouragement and acknowledging success. Similarly, every doctor who is part of Medic Mentor is a role model for the next generation of doctors. We exhibit the highest professional values and raise awareness of the General Medical Council duties of a doctor throughout all of our activities. We highlight the doctors who are doing this successfully to instil this mindset and professional standards in our doctors of tomorrow. This will therefore raise standards of care for patients and increase doctors’ satisfaction working in the NHS.

Need a breakdown of the benefits?

With Medic Mentor you will benefit from a unique and tailor made personal and professional development programme designed for aspiring medics, vets and dentists. Benefits include:

  1. Access to world-class mentors.
  2. Providing the application knowledge and skills development required for a successful application to a UK institute.
  3. Access to a national leadership development programme.
  4. Personal statement guidance as part of our summer school programme.
  5. Opportunities to develop your leadership, presentation and organisational skills by partaking in Medic Mentor events.
  6. Opportunities to develop your written communication skills by writing for the Medic Mentor Magazine.
  7. Learn and apply the skills needed to perform at medical interviews, including ethics and problem-based learning cases, as part of our monthly study guide series.
  8. Essay competitions and prizes.
  9. Gaining credit for all the work that you do and your involvement with Medic Mentor, towards your application to medical school, through the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.
  10. Attend a graduation awards ceremony once you have attained the Gold award and received at least one offer from medical school.
  11. Become part of our hall of fame of past successful students who have graduated from the Medical Awards Programme.

Once you have graduated from the Medical Awards Programme, you will then have the opportunity to become a Medical Student Scholar with access to £12,000 of grant funding throughout your time at university.