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Medic Mentor Summer School is a year-long mentoring programme for aspiring Doctors. Students receive support, guidance, and training on the Medical Application process from those who understand it best – Doctors and Medical Students.

Over 90% of our Summer School students have received at least 1 offer to study Medicine.

In the Summer, you’ll attend a 5 Day Residential Course to write your best possible personal statement with support and mentoring from Doctors and Medical students.

Zoe Okoye, Year 12, Medic Mentor Review

 My name is Zoe Okoye and I am a year 12 student who has been enrolled in Medic mentor’s medical leadership programme for the past year and let me tell you it has been one incredible journey! ( This picture shows me presenting at a NHW earlier this year!) Some of...

Ruqayyah Naeem, Year 13, Bolton School, Medic Mentor Review

Hello! I am Ruqayyah Naeem, a school society member and scholar for Medic Mentor. I am currently in year 13 at Bolton School and I have attended Medic Mentor National Healthcare Weekends since year 10.  Starting to attend these conferences from a relatively young...

Oliver Smyth, Year 12, Fallibroome Academy, Medic Mentor Review

My name is Oliver Smyth and I currently attend TheFallibroome Academy in Macclesfield, Cheshire. I am currently in year 12and studying A-level Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography.My first experience with Medic Mentor was several months ago when Iattended a...

Sahil Ravisangar, Medic Mentor Review

I did not always know I wanted to study medicine. Up until midway of year 12 I had wanted to study dentistry and when I had my doubts about that I started searching for some medicine-related events and found the Medic Mentor National Healthcare Weekend. I was inspired...

Shaan Kulkarni, Year 12, Sir Thomas Rich’s School, Medic Mentor Review

My name is Shaan Kulkarni and I’m an aspiring medic in Year 12 at Sir Thomas Rich’s School.  Since joining the Medical Leadership Programme (MLP) at Medic Mentor I have been able to access a huge number of unique experiences and learning opportunities which I...

Shreeja Tripathi, S6, Cults Academy, Medic Mentor Review

Hello everyone! My name is Shreeja Tripathi and I am the Vice President of the National Virtual Medical Society (VMS). I am an S6 student at Cults Academy and an aspiring Medic. I’ll be sharing my experience with regards to the Medical Leadership Programme (MLP) and...

Tess Anderson, S6, Largs Academy, Medic Mentor Review

My name is Tess Anderson. I went to Largs Academy in North Ayrshire, Scotland. I have been a School Ambassador for a year and co-founded a Medical Society at my school. The Medical Leadership Program and other opportunities that Medic Mentor has provided, have helped...

Seren Adams, S6, Dunblane High School, Medic Mentor Review

My name is Seren Adams and I am an S6 pupil at Dunblane High School. I first discovered Medic Mentor in my fifth year of high school (the year of the dreaded higher examinations), when Dr Siva came to talk to the pupils at my school that were interested in medicine....

Ronan Kennedy, Medic Mentor Review

My name is Ronan, and I am currently 18 years old, attend a state school and have applied to study medicine. This journey has been fairly long, probably starting around year 10 – and building momentum through the years. I won’t bore you with the ‘what sparked my...

Scarlett Debbage, Year 13, Chesham Grammar School, Medic Mentor Review

Hi, I’m Scarlett. I’m in year 13 at Chesham Grammar School and am hoping (if I get the grades!) to study dentistry at Leeds in September.  I never knew what I wanted to be, so rather than focusing on a career I decided to build up my CV, by completing my Gold...

Secure your place now to receive:

  • 6 Weeks of Daily Virtual UCAT and BMAT Teaching
  • Personal Statement Mentoring from Doctors and Medical School Students
  • 1-to-1 Interview Training Throughout Interview Season
  • Automatic Enrolment onto the Medical Awards and Medical Leadership Programmes
  • The Perfect Reference to Guide Your Teacher’s Reference
  • Fast-Track to be Interviewed for our £12,000 Scholarship Programme

Want to Speak to a Doctor About Becoming a Doctor?

Interested in Summer School and want to speak to a Doctor about how it will enhance your application, book a virtual appointment with one of our Chief Mentors here:

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This year, we’ve had the privilege of overseeing hundreds of students realise how close they are to becoming Doctors.

We’d love for you to join us.

Dates and Locations

London Venue 

Greenwich University, Avery Hill Campus, London, SE9 2UG

Scotland Venue

University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA 

Accommodation and Safeguarding

 Students will be given same-sex accommodation.  Mentors will be onsite 24/7 and in addition there will be 2 Safeguarding Officers on site throughout the week.  We take safety very seriously and you can review our Safeguarding Policy here.

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& NI 11s)

Scotland Scotland Scotland

27th June- 1st July

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25th – 29th June 24th – 28th June
London London London

25th – 29th July

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30th July – 3rd August 29th July – 2nd August

1st – 5th August

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6th – 10th August 5th – 9th August

8th – 12th August

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13th – 17th August 12th – 16th August

15th – 19th August

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How much does it cost?

Most Summer Schools cost between £3500-£6000.  These are summer schools that are either run by medical schools themselves or private companies.

Their prices only cover the cost of attending the course itself, whereas the Medic Mentor Summer School also offers teaching and mentoring support throughout Year 13 and S6.

The Medic Mentors in person Summer School costs £3,249 and the Virtual Summer School cost £2999. Which includes a year long mentoring programme which starts the moment sign up. We help build your CV with the Awards programme, Medical leadership programme, weekly VMS meetings and weekly meetings with out Chief Doctors. It also covers the cost of food and accommodation at our 5 day residential summer school where you will write your perfect personal statement and start interview practice. We also offer 2 in person interview days after summer school during interview season between December and February. We also included in that price our industry leading 5 week UCAT and BMAT programme with free access to the best question banks for each. The cost includes unlimited access to mentoring from doctors for any questions you might have. The per hour cost of mentoring you receive works out at less that £5 an hour!

There are also 0% interest no credit check options to spread the cost of the summer school for up to 2 years, which makes it more accessible to the majority of medical school applicants.  You can register and secure your place now with a £250 deposit and even spread the cost for up to a year after the summer school.

Students from low-income backgrounds:

We will be offering 30 widening access summer school places for low-income students for 2023.  Applications will open on 25th November 2022.

To see all of our registration options and current availability, please click here and select the appropriate year.  Please remember that the Summer School is only for students in year 12 or new S6s, but you can register 1 or 2 years in advance, if you wish to ensure that your place is secure.

Keertana Anne, attended the Summer School and is now a 3rd year medical student.  In this live interview, the mentors discuss whether it is worth the cost:

What if I don't get in?

The reason why students don’t get it in is usually because of the grades, which is sadly, not something that we can prepare you for.  However, our Chief Mentors are experienced in helping students with lower grades obtain either medical school offers or alternative routes into Medicine.  Some students choose to take a gap year, resit and then successfully re-apply.  Medic Mentor will continue to mentor you until you get into medical school, even if it takes an extra year.  Zalva is a student from the most recent class of Summer School.  She obtained 3As and 2Bs at Highers (the equivalent of ABB in the English System), when ordinarily students think that they need 5 As (Scottish System) or 3As at A-level.  In the live interview below, she shares her experiences with Medic Mentor’s Virtual Medical Society Students:

If you are new year 12s/S5, you can join us for Summer School 2023

If you are new year 11s/S4, you can join us for Summer School 2024.

If you are new year 10s/S3 you can join us for Summer School 2025.