Join the Virtual Medical Society’s Whatsapp group

Joining the SLACK group is entirely optional but a lot of our students have found it very helpful to stay in contact with one another.  If you would like to join, please read the information below carefully and complete the online form.

Social Media And Photography Consent Form

This consent form has been designed to gain informed consent for photographs, and social media contact groups, completing this form is your consent to use photographs at Medic Mentor events for social media and website use, and consent for you to be included in group SLACK messenging.

Under GDPR regulations, Medic Mentor need your consent for any images taken of you at Medic Mentor events to be used on social media and the Medic Mentor website.  Photographs are classed as personal data under GDPR.

In addition, SLACK Group Chat requires Medic Mentor to use personal contact details to add students to the contact groups.  Medic Mentor will monitor the content of the group messages, and under our safeguarding policy, participants posting inappropriate messages will be removed from the messaging group.  Whilst every effort will be made to monitor the messages, Medic Mentor cannot be held responsible for any chats outside of the group.  Prior to giving consent, please ensure you understand that as part of the group, your mobile contact details will be visible to all participants and we are unable to prevent private messages between the Medic Mentor Community.  As part of our robust safeguarding procedure, if any student is uncomfortable receiving private messages, this can be reported to the Medic Mentor team to investigate (if necessary). 

We encourage our community of students to become a supportive peer group and you are welcome to message each other privately if you prefer, but please keep messages professional and relevant in the group chats. 

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