Information for Parents

A special welcome to parents who will be supporting their children through the Medical Awards programme.

We know how stressful it is for parents with children who are applying to medicine. Medic Mentor are here to simplify that process, reducing stress for you and your child. At Medic Mentor, we believe in our young people and work with them to help them achieve their dreams and attain success beyond what they could ever have imagined.



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“Medic Mentor is like being part of a family” 

How Medic Mentor aims to support parents

Medic Mentor is here for parents as much as for students.  We are happy to speak to parents over the phone and we welcome you to participate in our conferences and be as actively involved as possible.  We have a combination of programmes where parental support is necessary and where independent learning is encouraged.  Parents are the greatest mentors, and having been through this process ourselves, we have first-hand experience of how invaluable you are.  You will be invited to the initial Awards consultation with your Awards Mentor via telephone or Zoom.  Subsequent meetings can be conducted between the student and Mentor independently if you wish, or you are very welcome to join them as well.

We provide a supportive learning environment, that acknowledges success and helps young people develop areas they are seeking to improve upon. We do all of this through coaching and providing constructive feedback in a positive way for the benefit of their personal development. As Medic Mentor is run by doctors, dentists and vets, we have the wellbeing of all of our students at the heart of everything we do. All of our Medic Mentors are DBS approved, first-aid trained (as a minimum!) and we have a safeguarding officer at all of our events.

Medic Mentor are committed to our young people and we will be there to support them in all they do with us. If any problems or concerns do arise at any point, you can either complete our admin form or ring 01530417299, available Monday to Friday 9-5pm. You can also contact Dr Bayana, Vice President of wellbeing directly by emailing You can also speak to a Chief Mentor for advice Mon-Fri on the telephone number above if one is available.  If they are unavailable, our admin staff will ask them to call you back.

How can parents assist Medic Mentor?

As parents, you are so important in providing the help, support and guidance to your child throughout their journey into medical school. As much as we provide a lot of mentoring support, we know that it is the parents who see the struggles, the tears and the challenges the most. We therefore want to work with you in partnership to support your child to make a success of their application, develop them personally and professionally and build their resilience, which they will need when they embark on a medical career.

The best way you can help as parents is to encourage your child to get involved in the Medic Mentor Awards Programme! Giving them the confidence to push themselves to their limits, help them to write emails professionally to their Mentors, and guide them on how to behave and dress for their interviews and work experience placements. Applying to medical school requires a great amount of maturity from our young people and we need your help to instil this mindset into them early. The journey into medical school is a wonderfully rewarding one, but not without its challenges. Together, Medic Mentor will work closely with you to give your child every opportunity for achieving success.

What we need from you . . .

We require a signed parental consent form in order for your child to partake in this Awards Programme if they are under 18 years of age. There are additional forms required for further activities that students may choose undertake with Medic Mentor, for programmes such as the Virtual Medical Society, Medical Leadership Programme or the Summer School. These consent forms give permission for students to attend our teaching days independently. If you are just starting out with Medic Mentor, it would be highly valuable for you to attend the Get into Medicine Conferences with your student to establish a strong foundation for medical school applications.

If you would like to find out even more about the Medic Mentor Awards Programme, please see our contact details below:

General enquiries form
MM Headquaters landline: 01530 417299
(Available 9-5pm Monday to Friday)

Please allow 2-3 working days for a response because remember that our Doctors are working full-time and so are the Medical Student Scholars.

Our Safeguarding Policy

Medic Mentor has a robust Safeguarding Policy in place that ensures that risks to students are minimised as much as possible.  All of our Mentors hold enhanced DBS certificates and first aid training (at the very least). We always make student safey our first concern and if you would like to discuss this with us at any point, we would be happy to speak with you.  Please click here to access our Safeguarding Policy and Protocols.