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At Medic Mentor we run a range of programmes from online courses to huge conferences and residential programmes which help students get into medical school.  We also run the Medicine Awards Programme and the Scholarship Programmes for Medical Students. Explore how we can support you as an applying or current medical student, parent or teacher using the options below.

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We take mentoring very seriously and when it is delivered effectively, the results are extraordinary.  Medic Mentor has established fantastic programmes that provide a variety of mentoring platforms from face-to-face, online and long-distance.  This ensures that students are connected to realistic and motivational mentors in the way that they feel most comfortable.


Confidence is essential for creating a great impression at medical school interviews.  It is essential throughout medical school and when applying for your academic and foundation job interviews too.  The Medicine Leadership Programmes are unique opportunities to build on confidence throughout the year by giving you access to confident mentors to network with.


Continuous skills development is a compulsory requirement for all doctors and medical students as outlined by the General Medical Council.  We encourage this by co-ordinating over 42 conferences throughout the year and study guides to assist students in staying up-to-date with their medical wider-reading for medical school.


We encourage all of our applying and current students to make informed career decisions.  Each programme has had excellent results, for example our Summer School for applicants and Scholarship Programme for medical students have the highest success rates compared with similar initiatives run by other organisations.  The quality of our teaching resources are unparelleled because they have been created by a range of experienced doctors and successful applicants.


It is essential that during this challenging journey of becoming a doctor, you also prioritise your own wellbeing.  We have a designated Wellbeing Officer and a process that we have established to ensure that we are able to help struggling students through their applications and degrees.  We also make all of our teaching programmes as fun as possible, because we know that if you are enjoying yourself you are more likely to be successful in your work.  Don’t be surprised if you make life-long friends along the way!


Applying to medical school is a family effort!  Medic Mentor are here for the parents as much as the students.  Students who work with their parents on this journey as a team have a much greater chance of getting into medical school.  This support does not vanish once you arrive at medical school either!  Parents provide an invaluble support network throughout your medical career.  Therefore, if the whole family is informed, you are going to make better decisions together, which is why Medic Mentor has created a range of resources for parents to access too.


Secondary schools and medical schools play a very important role in your teaching and training to become excellent doctors in future.  However, as assessors, they are also intimidating by nature.  Your academic world can be difficult to navigate, but this is where Medic Mentor can help by giving you guidance to help you help your insitution to establish better support networks.  We also work directly with hundreds of teachers across the UK and provide them with excellent advice, ideas and resources to support you well.


Medic Mentor has established 3 pots of funding to enable us to support applying and current medical students.  We believe that investing in educational initiatives that helps students become good, happy doctors in future will benefit the wider UK population. Click here to learn about our funding streams and there is bound to be at least one that will support you.  We offer both merit-based and means-tested forms of funding so that everyone can benefit from a little help!