We aim to mentor students continuously throughout their application journey and help them to keep focussed.  Medic Mentor will be co-ordinating the structured Virtual Society’s, to support students with their insight into medicine and applications to medical school. The Medical, Dental and Veterinary Society will have the added bonus of having guest speakers and teaching from the mentors (the Education Directorate and Regional Mentors) and medical, dental and veterinary student scholars.

Where did the idea of a Virtual Medical Society come from?

During the course of the lockdown campaign our Medic Mentor secondary school students came up with the idea to set up the Virtual Medical Society.  This is something that the students can do to keep in touch with each other now that schools have closed.  It also enables students to network with like-minded students outside of school, and even with some of our international students!

How will the Virtual Medical Society meet?

We will be creating a series of blogs covering wider-reading and application information, to be discussed during virtual weekly meetings, which will take place on Tuesdays from 7-8pm (this appears to be the best time that students and mentors are free).

We will be using Microsft Teams as a virtual platform (similar to what a lot of students are currently using for their online school lessons), and videos will be switched off for everyone except the presenters.

The meetings will be recorded and posted on a password protected page for members to watch back later. There is an interactive chat function and doctors, vets and dentists are on hand to answer questions between 7-8pm every Tuesday so it would always be more beneficial to be present for the meetings, wherever possible.

You must complete the form below to become a member.

Who runs the society?

The Virtual Medical Society is run by a student committee made up of secondary students.  They were awarded committee positions through a highly competitive national application process (150 applications for 15 positions).  The student committee design the programme, direct the focus of topics to be discussed at each meeting and run the meetings themselves.  They are supported by Dr Siva, Chief Mentor for Schools, and have links to the wider network of Mentors (doctors, vets and dentists) and the Scholars (medical, dental and university students) to provide teaching and content support for the VMS programme, when required.

This ensures that the programme is led by students and what they want to learn, and supported by the Mentors at Medic Mentor to achieve their learning objectives.

What are the benefits of joining?

Firstly, this is a free resource and you can join by simply completing the online forms below.

The benefits of joining are far reaching, and in a lot of cases, the impact of certain things cannot be quanitified.  For example, being a member of this amazing student-network has enabled friendships to form, ideas to flow and aspiriation and confidence to grow.  This is all a result of being linked to like-minded students who are in a similar position and with the support of our experienced and encouraging mentors.

It provides students with an ongoing level of support and a safe environment to ask questions, share useful recourses as they journey through the UCAS application process.  In addition, we ensure that students are well informed of the latest opportunities to debate, lead, present, work on projects, volunteer and apply for a range of national positions.  Students will be guided through a series of blogs that cover several aspects such as education, application advice, research and wellbeing.  

How do I join the Virtual Medical Society?

You must complete the online member registration form depending on your career. 

You can access the registation form by clicking the relevant button related to your career above.  

You will then receive an email with the Virtual Medical Society password to access meetings every Tuesday.


How do I apply for the committee?

The VMS committee changes every term, this is to give as many people as possible a chance to hold a leadership position.

You can apply at any time.

Remeber to make yourself stand out, think carefully when applying, reflect upon your reasons for wanting to become a committee member.

The next Student Committee will be selected in May 2021.

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Medic Mentor take safeguarding very seriously and all of our Mentors (qualified doctors, vets and dentists) and Scholars (medical, dental and veterinary university students) hold enhanced DBS checks and follow our safeguarding procedures.  You can find details of this at the following link: Safeguarding Policy and Procedures