Hi everyone, my name is Tabitha Premraj and I’m currently a Year 12 student at Wallington High School for Girls.  I am also one of the Research Officers on the Virtual Medical Society at Medic Mentor. My role being to work with the research scholars on projects and informing other society members of different projects occurring in the medical field. I hope to help each person, who is willing, to participate in research initiatives as participants or contributors. What made me choose medicine? My decision to study medicine is because of a constant opportunity for learning, the rewards inherent within the role and the wide range of career choices you can specialise in after medical school.

Early February this year, I attended a “Get into Medicine” conference, which was led by Dr Quinn and Dr Siva. A truly eye-opening experience and very beneficial as it gave an insight into medicine, and how competitive the selection process is. I had already made my decision that medicine was the career path I wanted to take, but attending this conference allowed me to reaffirm that decision that it was definitely my vocation.  After attending this weekend, I enrolled myself into the Medic Mentor summer school which in turn I joined the School Ambassadors Leadership programme and the Awards Programme.

The awards programme has been very helpful, as I have begun to understand how important reflection is, as a doctor you will have to write reflections for each patient you oversee.

By joining the leadership programme, you are able to improve your transferrable skills and develop your Medical Society at school through ethical debates and presentations, over three days spread through the year.

I have also had the opportunity to present at one of these conferences, alongside some doctors, just a few weeks before lockdown, helping me to improve my presentation skills and boosting my confidence! I would recommend attending one of these conferences and becoming involved in medic mentor by signing up to these programmes, it will truly help you with your journey into medicine.

How do I de-stress? A few ways I love to spend my time outside of school, is by undertaking extra-curricular activities: netball and singing. Singing is my biggest passion helping me to voice my thoughts and to increase my confidence. Did you know that it is a natural anti-depressant as it releases endorphins?

 Before lockdown occurred, I had been volunteering at a local care home, which specialises with people who have dementia. I enjoyed bonding with the residents, organising activities and especially singing songs with them! It is so lovely to see how each of the nurses treat, each resident with care and unfailing kindness.

Also, I was able to organise a Christmas shoebox appeal with the help of my friends, which made me to consider how to help others in creative ways through which, I began to grow in terms of leading a team.

During lockdown, I have started to learn BSL and have been able to volunteer for Medic Mentors COVID-19 fund, which donates the money to the Royal Medical Benevolent Trust by organising virtual events and taking part in activities. 

After I obtain my degree in medicine I would like to specialise in either paediatrics or cardiology, as these are the two fields that interest me the most. I can’t wait to learn a wide variety of new skills and help other people.

If you have any questions please feel free to submit them below.

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