The Education Departments within medic mentor

Medic Mentor is governed by a central committee called the Education Directorate.  This in an incredible team of Vice Presidents who are full-time working doctors, vets and dentists, responsible for their own educational departments and supervision of scholarship projects.  Below is a list of education departments.

Scholarship Positions Available

medical schools ELEGIBLE

Pounds Per Scholar each year

Pounds per scholar across 6 years of medical school

We TEACH Students HOW TO Become Good Doctors 

through various education departments.

Enterprise Department

Responsible for allocating the Medic Mentor-prise Fund.  This team review applications for start-up capital and provide ongoing business mentoring and support either directly or through business contacts.

Publishing Department

Responsible for the production of Medic Mentor textbooks and the national printed Mentor Magazine.  

Research Division

The Research team are responsible for producing all types of research and working to deliver Medic Mentor’s Phase 1-3 research plans.  Conducting research ensures that all Medic Mentor programmes and initiatives are evidence-based.

Wellbeing Department

The Wellbeing team are responsible for resources, processes and initiatives that ensure that aspiring and current medics within the greater Medic Mentor community are happy, healthy and fulfilled.  This includes the production of online resources, the Scholars’ ‘Buddy-System’ and ensuring that wellbeing teaching is integrated into all of our face-to-face teaching programmes.

Events Department

This is the team responsible for all Medic Mentor face-to-face events.  These range from the Get Into Medicine conferences, leadership programmes to national medical conferences for doctors and medical students.  The team is usually made up of leadership scholars who want to gain first-hand leadership experience in innovation, delegation and implemention. 

Summer School Department

The Summer School Programmes are the heart of Medic Mentor.  They are a fantastic opportunity for the wider medical mentor community to come together; aspiring students, scholars and qualified professionals.  This team is responsible for delivering and epic experience for all of those that are involved, and providing continous mentoring for aspiring students.

Widening Participation Department

This is the team that engages the wider medic mentor community through a range of funded initiatives such as 

  • School visits
  • Fundraising Opportunities
  • Virtual Medical Society
  • Resources for lifestyle and wellbeing
  • Get into Medicine Conferences
  • Summer School
  • Bookclub
  • Online Resources

Media Department

The Media department are responisble for producing and implmenting

  • Blogs
  • Online courses
  • Social Media Campaigning
  • Live lectures
  • Online meetings


The overall governance of Medic Mentor falls to the responsibility of the Education Directorate and the Executive Team.  There are representatives from aspiring students (President of the Virtual Medical Society) and scholarship students (2 Scholar Reps) who are involved in the Education Directorate committee too.