All doctors are scientists and if you want to become a doctor you must have an appreciation for research.  We encourage students at all stages to get involved in research because it will help you to stand out in your UCAS application and your academic foundation application.  So if you want to become a successful doctor in future, you need to learn about the value of research in the medical world and then develop research skills.

Research is important at medic mentor

The Education Directorate has prioritised research at Medic Mentor by appointing Research Fellows to study how mentoring effects wellbeing and the success of our applicants and medical students.  Some of our Scholars, Vice Presidents and Chief Mentors have already conducted studies in the form of both qualitative and quantitative research that has been presented at medical education conferences.

Get involved in Research and publishing

We also have opportunities for secondary school applicants and medical students to undertake research and publish work in the Mentor Magazine.  This is the only magazine that exists for applying students who want to become doctors.  Doctors are also welcome to contribute to every issue.  If you would like to get involved, email