About Medic Mentor For Medical Students

Medic Mentor are the national mentoring organisation for practicing, training and aspiring doctors, dentists and vets. Medic Mentor offers the largest national leadership development programme for prospective students and the largest national educational scholarship programme for medical, dental and veterinary students. We are a dynamic, innovative and nationally impactful organisation, led by the Education Directorate committee comprised of practicing doctors, dentists and vets. Medic Mentor, as a community, are passionate about providing the highest quality education, committed to driving innovation in the field of medical education and provide tailor-made mentorship to our students, to raise their aspirations and improve their wellbeing, morale and success. Overall, our pursuit is to sculpt the next generation of game changers equipped with a ‘can do, shall do, will do’ approach, to provide the most effective and insightful leaders of tomorrow that the NHS needs.

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We TEACH Students HOW TO Become Good Doctors

What does Medic Mentor offer?

Medic Mentor provide support to students and professionals at every stage of their training. For aspiring students, we offer insight conferences and provide the necessary detail on how to make a successful application; we provide a national leadership training programme; we collaborate with schools to setup Medic Mentor societies to unite students’ passionate about professional healthcare careers; we offer a residential summer school for personal statement mentoring and interview coaching; we provide study guides and educational resources as medical wider reading and to prepare aspiring students for their interviews; we offer the national awards programme to encourage and acknowledge success; and we offer unlimited access to highly successful professional mentors.

For medical, dental and veterinary students, we provide the largest scholarship programme in the UK; training and coaching on essential academic skills including leadership and teaching; opportunity to contribute to educational projects; participation in our wealth of events for aspiring students; wellbeing and pastoral support; and unlimited access to professional mentors.

For qualified doctors, dentists and vets, we offer national leadership positions into the Education Directorate, as well as the opportunity to progress to our senior leadership positions and take a full-time role as educational or research fellows, if desired.

Core organisational values

  1. Caring: nurturing the next generation through mentoring
  2. Empowering: the next generation to become the leaders of tomorrow for the NHS
  3. Excellence: to go above and beyond in all we do
  4. Improving: a shared drive and commitment to learn
  5. Unity: Working together, embracing diversity and valuing one another’s unique qualities and skills
  6. Innovation: turning problems into solutions to make positive change happen.

Key Principles-principles that guide Medic Mentor

  1. Everyone has the right to consider a career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine
  2. With the right attitude and mindset, any student can pursue a career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine, and we will provide the support to enable this
  3. We appreciate that we all have unique qualities and attributes, which are enhanced when we work together as a team
  4. We are committed to providing excellent education and teaching from higher education, through to graduation from medical school and beyond
  5. We upskill and nurture aspiring students, medical/dental/veterinary university students and medics/dentists and vets through mentoring
  6. We uphold the principle of ‘One Health’, realising we are better together with medics, dentists and vets in partnership.

Our aspiration

To cultivate the next generation of game-changers, who have the skillset and experiences to tackle the issues faced by the NHS

COVID-19 Innovation Project

The COVID-19 Inovation Project took place earlier this year, the video conference is avalible to watch HERE


Medic Mentor runs a unique scholarship programme to financially, pastorally and academically support exception medical students become future NHW leaders.


Medic Mentor run a funded national medical leadership programme to provide medical students with an opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills. 


Medic Mentor run a national medical awards programme, to help medical student strive for excellence by providing CV structure and guidance.


We provide all of our scholarship students with free personalised mentoring throughout the Academic Foundation Programme Application.  We have had unbeatable success rates over the past 5 years.


Find out about the range of prizes available to medical students and scholars at Medic Mentor.

The LEadership Team

Meet the doctors and support staff helping you to become amazing future doctors!


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Doctors, Vets and Dentists with a special interest in university admissions


Medical students who are in receipt of Medic Mentor University Scholarships


The incredible support staff working full-time to support our current and future doctors.