PErsonal Professional Development for scholarship students only

Throughout the scholarship programme, you should be building your Medic Mentor portfolio. We will provide you with certificates of attendance for every event you are a scholarship ambassador for, for summer school, for successful completion of educational projects, for writing in the Magazine etc. We will also provide you with certificates for the Scholars Academy meetings you attend. We will provide these certificates for you at the events as much as possible. Where this is not possible, we will provide all relevant certificates from the past academic year at the annual review meeting. If you are missing certificates, you must put your request in writing to our General Enquiries Form

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We TEACH Students HOW TO Become Good Doctors 

by encouraging personal professional development with mentoring.


The Medic Mentor senior team of Vice-Presidents and the President would be delighted to write references for you all, whether it be for prizes you are applying for or intercalation programmes. When requesting a reference, please make the deadline clear so that we can make sure we meet it for you!  We would be delighted to nominate any of you for leadership awards or prizes, so please keep asking us for references!

Monitoring progress and feedback

Given the emphasis of personal and professional development and growth within the Medic Mentor scholarship programme, receiving and acting on feedback is a critical step towards success. First and foremost, we will ask you to complete self-reflections so that you can ascertain your own strengths and areas for further development. We will then supplement this with informal and formal feedback. Informal feedback will be provided through meetings with your senior mentors and president, and at events you attend for Medic Mentor.  We will also provide you with formal feedback (written), which can be included in your portfolios.

Performance review document

After every event you attend for Medic Mentor, we ask that you complete a performance review document, which firstly has a self-evaluation form so that you can rate your attitude, reliability, professionalism, and innovation and provide justifications for your personal rating. Then your senior mentor will also rate you and add some additional points for thought and further development. You will then have the opportunity to arrange a meeting to discuss this feedback. This is an incredibly valuable learning tool that objectively will help you know where to focus and offers a chance to monitor your progress over time.

You can download your performance review form here: Performance Review

Professional and personal development plans (PDP)

We ask scholars to complete a start of year Professional and personal Development Plan (PDP), a short mid-year review and an end of year PDP. A PDP helps you outline your objectives for the year ahead, and detail how you will achieve those objectives, how you will know when you have achieved them and the timeline in which you wish to achieve them. At the end of the PDP, there is a chance to demonstrate how you have met those objectives. The PDP offers a chance to think critically and objectively about your progress and is a very effective measurement of performance and growth. We ask scholars to complete a start of year PDP in September and this needs to be completed by December. You will then need to complete a short mid-year review in January, which needs to be completed by May. Then you will to complete an end of year PDP which can then roll into a start of new year PDP.

You can download your PDP forms here: PDP forms for scholars


Feedback from educational project supervisors

You can expect to receive feedback from your senior mentors with regards to your progress on your educational projects. The amount and frequency of feedback given will depend on the student, the mentor and the nature of the project. It is a two way relationship, in that you can always ask for a feedback session, but equally your mentor should suggest feedback sessions when it would be helpful. You can expect to receive specific feedback from your Vice-President leads and the President.



Career meetings

Career planning is another important element of the scholarship academy. All scholars should speak to the President and this can be to cover anything from advice, careers, intercalation, or anything else! Make the most of these meetings to discuss your career plans and where you see yourself in a few years time. We have the largest mentoring network of doctors whom we can put you in touch with so do not miss out on this unique resource.



Annual reviews

At the end of every academic year, in summer (June-August), scholars will need to attend for an annual review meeting with the President. This will be in person and will be based in Birmingham, London or Scotland. At this meeting, your progress over the year will be evaluated, it will be a time to focus on achievements from the past year but also looking forward to determine, what you want to achieve in the academic year ahead. You will need to bring your portfolio to this meeting as well as the annual appraisal self-evaluation document. 

Gibbs reflective cycle for reflection

Whenever reflecting on your performance or projects, we encourage you to use the Gibbs reflective cycle. This will help you to structure your reflections and make them meaningful and action based.