Educational Projects For scholarship students only

The Medic Mentor educational projects are split into departments led by a Vice-President and overseen by the President. You can participate in as many educational projects and as many departments as you wish-there is no limit! We encourage you to undertake projects in as many of the departments as possible over your time as a scholarship student.

Scholars are the leads for their educational projects. This means you are accountable for bringing these programmes and initiatives to fruition. But you are also not alone and there will be senior mentor support and guidance when needed. The onus is very much on you as scholars, because we know how capable you are, and we know that you learn best through application of your skillset and challenging yourself. And the greatest rewards, personal and professional development comes from doing it yourself. The amazing part of the scholarship programme is you have an expert mentor who can guide you to help avoid mistakes along the way.

Scholarship Positions Available

medical schools ELEGIBLE

Pounds Per Scholar each year

Pounds per scholar across 6 years of medical school

We TEACH Students HOW TO Become Good Doctors 

by giving you a chance to learn and develop through educational projects.

There are 3 ways that you can engage in educational projects:

1. Current educational projects: Contribute to current Medic Mentor educational programmes and initiatives such as the Medical Leadership programme or magazine. This will involve joining at least one of the Medic Mentor departments, receiving handover from the previous scholars and putting your own stamp on the programme, whilst working to develop and improve it further.

2. New educational projects: Pitch new educational project ideas for Medic Mentor-these will form initiatives that you will take the lead on but in which you will be supported by senior mentors to bring your idea to fruition and turn your dream for an educational initiative into a reality.  Download the Education Project Form here: Education Project Form

3. Launch a business start-up: For 2020, we are launching the Medic Mentor-prise fund, which offers up to £10,000 for three business start-up ideas that aim to solve a health or medically relevant problem. Medic Mentor will become a partner in your business by providing you with start-up capital and guidance.

Set SMART goals

Goal setting requirement: SMART Goals Explanation:
Specific What are you going to do? How are you going to do it? Who, what, where, why, which?
Measurable How will you track your progress? What progress will you be measuring-objective or subjective measures? How will you use feedback?
Achievable Make your goal realistic and attainable within reason
Relevant Ensure the goal aligns with the overall mission of Medic Mentor
Timely Set deadlines, keep to deadlines, set multiple deadlines throughout the project and keep hitting those checkpoints