How I made a Viral Video!

My name is Petra and I have recently become a volunteer campaigning for the Medic Mentor Covid-19 Mission. During these challenging times it’s hard to know how to help. We are stuck at home, meanwhile, doctors are bravely battling against the outbreak. This can have devastating consequences taking a huge toll on their mental and physical wellbeing.  I’m currently living in France and when lock down hit I really wanted to get involved and aid in some way. Unfortunately, I was unable to volunteer as the age limit to do so in France is 18. I was delighted, therefore, when Medic Mentor launched their Covid-19 Mission. Sitting at home with my family we were searching for an original way to help raise awareness and support for the campaign, hoping to raise 10,000 in support of our heroic front line medical professionals. I was hugely inspired by all of the humorous stay-at-home videos which are currently being spread around social media. We therefore took the challenge upon ourselves to make our own using stop motion animation. My brother and I created this surfing video from our home to help raise awareness for this incredibly important cause. All the money that we succeed in raising is going towards the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, which provides support for NHS doctors who are working tirelessly to help us through the pandemic. Campaigning is a fun and productive way to stay active during this time of uncertainty and if you feel motivated definitely join the growing community. Please share this animation and donate if you can. The aim is for it to go viral and to reach as many people as possible raising awareness for our doctors in need.