Effective Mentoring

Mentoring future doctors is a unique process that we have continuously developed over the past 6 years.  We believe that the success of our mentoring programmes lie in our main goal to teach students how to become excellent doctors.  This is very different to other organisations that focus on ‘getting students into medicine’ because medical school admissions tutors are first, and foremost looking for excellent future doctors at interview, not students who just want to get into medical school.  Instilling the values of a good doctor is a far more challenging process that takes real time and effort, which is why we start teaching students as early as year 10.  A student that only focuses on gaining an excellent UCAT score, whilst ignoring the importance of developing their personal attributes will not be successful at getting medical school offers. This is why we have designed a comprehensive list of educational programmes that not only tackle the UCAS application, but also confidence, wider-reading and skills development.  The more programmes you participate in, the more you will start walking and talking like a good doctor.  This means that if you are a Medic Mentor students, you will have a huge advantage and get multiple offers to study medicine, with a scholarship to boot! 

How to become a doctor, whilst also having fun?

Applying to medical school or studying at university should not be a traumatic experience.  This is an exciting time, but can sometimes feel overwhelming.  We have identified that the main reason why families find this process so stressful, is because of a general lack of knowledge and guidance.  Careers advice from school is incredibly limited and the competition for medical school places is fierce.  This is why mentoring is so important, because not only does it give you access to up-to-date information, but you also have access to approachable and friendly allies to help you navigate this journey, in the form of doctors.  We understand that no student is the same, which is why we have created personalised mentoring programmes for both applying students and current medical students.  

On this incredible journey, many of our Medic Mentor students have made lifelong friends and we always ensure that students are enjoying the process as much as possible.  This significantly alleviates stress, and some of the most helpful people on this journey are like-minded individuals who are going through the application process, just like you!  Learn about how we can support your journey to become a doctor with effective mentoring by, making your selection below.